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DateTitle Authors
2014 Censored spatial wind power prediction with random effectsCroonenbroeck, Carsten / Ambach, Daniel
2014 Obtaining superior wind power predictions from a periodic and heteroscedastic Wind Power Prediction ToolAmbach, Daniel / Croonenbroeck, Carsten
2014 Impact of analyst recommendations on stock returns: Evidence from the German stock marketSouček, Michael / Wasserek, Thomas
2014 The relevance of international spillovers and asymmetric effects in the Taylor ruleBeckmann, Joscha / Belke, Ansgar / Dreger, Christian
2014 A comparison of different wind power forecasting models to the Mycielski approachCroonenboreck, Carsten / Ambach, Daniel
2014 Spread trading strategies in the crude oil futures marketLubnau, Thorben
2014 Youth and gender specific unemployment and Okun's law in Scandinavian countriesHutengs, Oliver / Stadtmann, Georg
2014 Accurate medium-term wind power forecasting in a censored classification frameworkCroonenbroeck, Carsten / Møller Dahl, Christian
2014 The impact of oil revenues on the Iranian economy and the Gulf statesDreger, Christian / Rahmani, Teymur
2014 On the relationship between public and private investment in the euro areaDreger, Christian / Reimers, Hans-Eggert
2014 On a class of threshold public goods games: With applications to voting and the Kyoto ProtocolBolle, Friedel
2013 Understanding Chinese consumption: The impact of hukouDreger, Christian / Wang, Tongsan / Zhang, Yanqun
2013 Die Auslösung der Hinzurechnungsbesteuerung durch beschränkt Steuerpflichtige und ihre skurrilen steuerlichen FolgenGlowienka, Jens / Kudert, Stephan
2013 Is the market held by institutional investors? The disposition effect revisitedCroonenbroeck, Carsten / Matkovskyy, Roman
2013 Der Shakeout im IndustrielebenszyklusCroonenbroeck, Carsten / Grimpe, Christoph / Stadtmann, Georg
2013 Don't trust anybody over 30: Youth unemployment and Okun's law in CEE countriesHutengs, Oliver / Stadtmann, Georg
2013 On the relevance of exports for regional output growth in ChinaDreger, Christian / Zhang, Yanqun
2012 Does Danish football club Brøndby swim with the fishes? An application of the reversed news modelCroonenbroeck, Carsten / Monaco, Fabrizio Leonardo / Christensen, Mads Julius
2012 Evaluating Phillips curve based inflation forecasts in Europe: A noteCroonenbroeck, Carsten / Stadtmann, Georg
2012 Does euro area membership affect the relation between GDP growth and public debt?Dreger, Christian / Reimers, Hans-Eggert
2012 Hybride Rechtsformen als Gestaltungsinstrumente für Outboundinvestitionen mittelständischer InvestorenKudert, Stephan / Jarzynska, Paula / Jamrozy, Marcin
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