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DateTitle Authors
2014 The welfare impact of parallel imports: A structural approach applied to the German market for oral anti-diabeticsDuso, Tomaso / Herr, Annika / Suppliet, Moritz
2014 Estimating a consumer demand system of energy, mobility and leisure: A microdata approach for GermanyBeznoska, Martin
2014 Elasticities of supply for the US natural gas marketPonce, Micaela / Neumann, Anne
2014 Search-based endogenous illiquidity and the macroeconomyCui, Wei / Radde, Sören
2014 Regulation, innovation and technology diffusion: Evidence from building energy efficiency standards in GermanyEl-Shagi, Makram / Michelsen, Claus / Rosenschon, Sebastian
2014 The impact of oil revenues on the Iranian economy and the Gulf StatesDreger, Christian / Rahmani, Teymur
2014 Data and model cross-validation to improve accuracy of microsimulation results: Estimates for the Polish household budget surveyMyck, Michal / Najsztub, Mateusz
2014 Market power, fuel substitution and infrastructure: A large-scale equilibrium model of global energy marketsHuppmann, Daniel / Egging, Ruud
2014 The effects of family policy on mothers' labor supply: Combining evidence from a structural model and a natural experimentGeyer, Johannes / Haan, Peter / Wrohlich, Katharina
2014 On the relationship between public and private investment in the euro areaDreger, Christian / Reimers, Hans-Eggert
2014 Asymmetric information and roll-over riskKönig, Philipp / Pothier, David
2014 International capital markets structure, preferences and puzzles: The US-China caseCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Donadelli, Michael / Varani, Alessia
2014 Comparison of feed-in tariffs and tenders to remunerate solar power generationGrau, Thilo
2014 Business confidence and forecasting of housing prices and rents in large German citiesKholodilin, Konstantin A. / Siliverstovs, Boriss
2014 Stated and revealed heterogeneous risk preferences in educational choiceFossen, Frank M. / Glocker, Daniela
2014 Race to the debt trap? Spatial econometric evidence on debt in German municipalitiesFossen, Frank M. / Freier, Ronny / Martin, Thorsten
2014 Assessing the sustainability of government debt: On the different states of debt/GDP processVelinov, Anton
2014 R&D behavior of German manufacturing companies during the 2008/09 recessionEickelpasch, Alexander
2014 Structural vector autoregressions: Checking identifying long-run restrictions via heteroskedasticityLütkepohl, Helmut / Velinov, Anton
2014 Too rich to do the dirty work? Wealth effects on the demand for good jobsHaywood, Luke
2014 Financing patterns of innovative SMEs and the perception of innovation barriers in GermanyBelitz, Heike / Lejpras, Anna
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