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DateTitle Authors
2015 The weekend effect: An exploitable anomaly in the Ukrainian stock market?Caporale, Guglielmo Maria / Gil-Alana, Luis / Plastun, Alex
2015 Power market design beyond 2020: Time to revisit key elements?Neuhoff, Karsten / Ruester, Sophia / Schwenen, Sebastian
2015 Testing for identification in SVAR-GARCH models: Reconsidering the impact of monetary shocks on exchange ratesLütkepohl, Helmut / Milunovich, George
2015 A reputation economy: Results from an empirical survey on academic data sharingFecher, Benedikt / Friesike, Sascha / Hebing, Marcel / Linek, Stephanie / Sauermann, Armin
2015 Monetary policy, bank bailouts and the sovereign-bank risk nexus in the euro areaFratzscher, Marcel / Rieth, Malte
2015 Zu wenig Einfluss des ökonomischen Sachverstands? Empirische Befunde zum Einfluss von Ökonomen und anderen Wissenschaftlern auf die WirtschaftspolitikHaucap, Justus / Thomas, Tobias / Wagner, Gert G.
2015 Trade flows and trade specialisation: The case of ChinaCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Sova, Anamaria / Sova, Robert
2015 Two price zones for the German electricity market: Market implications and distributional effectsEgerer, Jonas / Weibezahn, Jens / Hermann, Hauke
2015 Renewable energy support in Germany: Surcharge development and the impact of a decentralized capacity mechanismTraber, Thure / Kemfert, Claudia
2015 Moving up a gear: The impact of compressing instructional time into fewer years of schoolingHuebener, Mathias / Marcus, Jan
2015 Why did self-employment increase so strongly in Germany?Fritsch, Michael / Kritikos, Alexander / Sorgner, Alina
2015 Public health insurance and entry into self-employmentFossen, Frank M. / König, Johannes
2015 Pass/Fail, A-F, or 0-100? Optimal grading of eager studentsWagner, Lilo
2015 Financing LNG projects and the role of long-term sales-and-purchase agreementsRuester, Sophia
2015 Long-term price overreactions: Are markets enefficient?Caporale, Guglielmo Maria / Gil-Alana, Luis / Plastun, Alex
2015 Power system impacts of electric vehicles in Germany: Charging with coal or renewables?Schill, Wolf-Peter / Gerbaulet, Clemens
2015 Reducing binge drinking? The effect of a ban on late-night off-premise alcohol sales on alcohol-related hospital stays in GermanyMarcus, Jan / Siedler, Thomas
2014 Collusive effects of a monopolist's use of an intermediary to deliver to retailersTeichmann, Isabel / von Schlippenbach, Vanessa
2014 Early birds in day care: The social gradient in starting day care and children's non-cognitive skillsPeter, Frauke H. / Schober, Pia S. / Spiess, C. Katharina
2014 Would I care if I knew? Image concerns and social confirmation in givingKritikos, Alexander S. / Tan, Jonathan H. W.
2014 Trade policy uncertainty and the WTOGroppo, Valeria / Piermartini, Roberta
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