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DateTitle Authors
2015 When is foreign exchange intervention effective? Evidence from 33 CountriesFratzscher, Marcel / Gloede, Oliver / Menkhoff, Lukas / Sarno, Lucio / Stöhr, Tobias
2015 International portfolio flows and exchange rate volatility for emerging marketsCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Ali, Faek Menla / Spagnolo, Fabio / Spagnolo, Nicola
2015 Gender identity and womens' supply of labor and non-market work: Panel data evidence for GermanyWieber, Anna / Holst, Elke
2015 Shaking Dutch grounds won't shatter the European gas marketHolz, Franziska / Brauers, Hanna / Richter, Philipp M. / Roobeek, Thorsten
2015 Does index insurance help households recover from disaster? Evidence from IBLI MongoliaBertram-Huemmer, Veronika / Kraehnert, Kati
2015 Offset credits in the EU ETS: A quantile estimation of firm-level transaction costsNaegele, Helene
2015 Drei Fußnoten der Wirtschaftswissenschaften zur deutschen Einheit: Und eine Fußnote zur wissenschaftlichen PolitikberatungWagner, Gert G.
2015 Regulation and investment incentives in electricity distribution: An empirical assessmentCullmann, Astrid / Nieswand, Maria
2015 The dynamics of earnings in Germany: Evidence from social security recordsBönke, Timm / Giesecke, Matthias / Lüthen, Holger
2015 Macro news and commodity returnsCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Spagnolo, Fabio / Spagnolo, Nicola
2015 When low market values are no bad news: On the coordination of renewable support and real-time pricingPahle, Michael / Schill, Wolf-Peter / Gambardella, Christian / Tietjen, Oliver
2015 From financial to real economic crisis: Evidence from individual firm-bank relationships in GermanyDwenger, Nadja / Fossen, Frank M. / Simmler, Martin
2015 The pros and cons of sick pay schemes: Testing for contagious presenteeism and shirking behaviorPichler, Stefan / Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2015 Childhood roots of financial literacyGrohmann, Antonia / Kouwenberg, Roy / Menkhoff, Lukas
2015 Non-economic damages in medical malpractice appeals: Does the jurisdiction make a difference?Amaral-Garcia, Sofia
2015 Regression discontinuity designs based on population thresholds: Pitfalls and solutionsEggers, Andrew C. / Freier, Ronny / Grembi, Veronica / Nannicini, Tommaso
2015 Linkages between the US and European stock markets: A fractional cointegration approachCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Gil-Alana, Luis A. / Orlando, C. James
2015 The power of opinion: More evidence of a GIPS-markup in sovereign ratings during the euro crisisNauhaus, Steffen
2015 The top tail of the wealth distribution in Germany, France, Spain, and GreeceBach, Stefan / Thiemann, Andreas / Zucco, Aline
2015 Firm's evaluation of location quality: Evidence from East GermanyEickelpasch, Alexander / Hirte, Georg / Stephan, Andreas
2015 The real-time predictive content of asset price bubbles for macro forecastsBeckers, Benjamin
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