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DateTitle Authors
2004 The factor intensity of accession and EU15 countries' comparative advantage in the internal marketKaitila, Ville
2015 Factorisable sparse tail event curvesChao, Shih-Kang / Härdle, Wolfgang K. / Yuan, Ming
1986 Factor market distortions and export performance: An eclect. review of the evidenceFischer, Bernhard / Spinanger, Dean
2007 Factor-MIDAS for now- and forecasting with ragged-edge data: a model comparison for German GDPMarcellino, Massimiliano / Schumacher, Christian
1999 Factor mobility and fiscal policy in the EU: policy issues and analytical approachesWildasin, David E.
2000 Factor Mobility and Fiscal Policy in the EU: Policy Issues and Analytical ApproachesWildasin, David E.
2002 Factor Mobility, Government Debt and the Decline in Public InvestmentHeinemann, Friedrich
2000 Factor Models for Portofolio Credit RiskSchönbucher, Philipp J.
2002 Factor price equalisation in the UK?Bernard, Abdrew B. / Redding, Stephen / Schott, Peter K. / Simpson, Helen
2003 Factor Price Equalization in FinlandKerkelä, Leena / Kangasharju, Aki / Pekkala, Sari
2001 Factor Price Equalization? The Cointegration Approach RevisitedBerger, Helge / Westermann, Frank
1995 Factor price equalization under joint production: A general equilibrium synthesisAlbert, Max / Kohler, Wilhelm K.
2003 Factor Price Frontiers with International Fragmentation of Multistage ProductionKohler, Wilhelm
2001 Factor Price Risk and the Diffusion of Conservation Technology: Evidence from the Water IndustryMoreno, Georgina / Sunding, David
1974 Factor proportions, linkages and the open developing economyRiedel, James
1976 Factor proportions, technology and West German industry's international trade patterns: Worldwide and regionalWolter, Frank
2004 Factor returns, institutions, and geography: a view from tradeBaier, Scott L. / Gerald P. Dwyer, Jr. / Tamura, Robert
2011 Factor rotation with non-negativity constraintsPudney, Stephen
2011 Factor rotation with non-negativity constraintsPudney, Stephen
2012 Factors affecting ATM usage in India: An empirical analysisMohammed, Shariq
2014 Factors affecting efficiency of cotton producers in rural Khorezm, Uzbekistan: Re-examining the role of knowledge indicators in technical efficiency improvementKarimov, Aziz A.
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