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DateTitle Authors
1999 Random coefficients in regression equation systems: The case with unbalanced panel dataBiørn, Erik
2013 Random coefficients in static games of complete informationDunker, Fabian / Hoderlein, Stefan / Kaido, Hiroaki
2014 Random coefficients on endogenous variables in simultaneous equations modelsMasten, Matthew
2008 Random iterates of monotone mapsBhattacharya, Rabi / Majumdar, Mukul
2011 Randomization in contracts with endogenous informationTerstiege, Stefan
2003 Randomized Response and the Binary Probit ModelRonning, Gerd
2003 Randomized trials and quasi-experiments in education researchAngrist, Joshua D.
2014 Randomizing Endowments: An Experimental Study of Rational Expectations and Reference-Dependent PreferencesGötte, Lorenz / Harms, Annette / Sprenger, Charles
2008 Random Matrix Theory and Macro-Economic Time-Series: An Illustration Using the Evolution of Business Cycle Synchronisation, 1886-2006Ormerod, Paul
2008 Random Matrix Theory and the Evolution of Business Cycle Synchronisation, 1886-2006Ormerod, Paul
2005 Random noise in diffusion tensor imaging, its destructive impact and some correctionsHahn, Klaus R. / Prigarin, Sergej M. / Heim, Susanne / Hasan, Khader M.
2004 Random number generationL'Ecuyer, Pierre
2012 Random or referral hiring: When social connections matterNicodemo, Catia / Nicolini, Rosella
2009 The Random part in network evolutionGrebel, Thomas
2014 Random shifting and scaling of insurance risksHashorva, Enkelejd / Ji, Lanpeng
2001 Random times at which insiders can have free lunchesImkeller, Peter
2006 A random walk down Maple Lane? A critique of neoclassical consumption theory with reference to housing wealthHanssgen, Greg
1995 Random walks in stock exchange prices and the Vienna Stock ExchangeHuber, Peter
2004 Random walks with drift : a sequential approachSteland, Ansgar
2006 Range-Based Estimation of Quadratic VariationChristensen, Kim / Podolskij, Mark
1999 Rangordnungsstatistiken als Verteilungsmaßzahlen für ordinalskalierte Merkmale: II. SchiefemessungKlein, Ingo
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