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DateTitle Authors
1999 Random coefficients in regression equation systems: The case with unbalanced panel dataBiørn, Erik
2013 Random coefficients in static games of complete informationDunker, Fabian / Hoderlein, Stefan / Kaido, Hiroaki
2014 Random coefficients on endogenous variables in simultaneous equations modelsMasten, Matthew
2005 Random Covariance Heterogeneity in Discrete Choice ModelsHess, Stephane / Bolduc, Denis / Polak, John
2015 Random intercept selection in structured additive regression modelsRoth, Helene / Lang, Stefan / Wagner, Helga
2008 Random iterates of monotone mapsBhattacharya, Rabi / Majumdar, Mukul
2011 Randomization in contracts with endogenous informationTerstiege, Stefan
2014 Randomized control trials in an imperfect worldSiddique, Zahra
2003 Randomized Response and the Binary Probit ModelRonning, Gerd
2003 Randomized trials and quasi-experiments in education researchAngrist, Joshua D.
2014 Randomizing Endowments: An Experimental Study of Rational Expectations and Reference-Dependent PreferencesGötte, Lorenz / Harms, Annette / Sprenger, Charles
2008 Random Matrix Theory and Macro-Economic Time-Series: An Illustration Using the Evolution of Business Cycle Synchronisation, 1886-2006Ormerod, Paul
2008 Random Matrix Theory and the Evolution of Business Cycle Synchronisation, 1886-2006Ormerod, Paul
2005 Random noise in diffusion tensor imaging, its destructive impact and some correctionsHahn, Klaus R. / Prigarin, Sergej M. / Heim, Susanne / Hasan, Khader M.
2004 Random number generationL'Ecuyer, Pierre
2012 Random or referral hiring: When social connections matterNicodemo, Catia / Nicolini, Rosella
2009 The Random part in network evolutionGrebel, Thomas
2014 Random shifting and scaling of insurance risksHashorva, Enkelejd / Ji, Lanpeng
2001 Random times at which insiders can have free lunchesImkeller, Peter
2003 A Random Utility Model of Demand for Variety under Spatial DifferentiationHeikkinen, Tiina
2006 A random walk down Maple Lane? A critique of neoclassical consumption theory with reference to housing wealthHanssgen, Greg
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