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DateTitle Authors
2011 Racial and ethnic inequality in employer provided fringe benefitsMok, Wallace / Siddique, Zahra
2009 Racial and gender wage differentials in South Africa: What can cohort data tell?Grün, Carola
2003 Racial and Gender Wage Differentials in South Africa: What can Cohort Data tell?Grün, Carola
2003 Racial Beliefs, Location and the Causes of CrimeVerdier, Thierry / Zenou, Yves
2010 Racial differences in body-mass indices for men imprisoned in 19th century US prisons: A multinomial approachCarson, Scott Alan
2009 Racial differences in fringe benefits and compensationMok, Wallace / Siddique, Zahra
2011 Racial differences in inequality aversion: Evidence from real world respondents in the ultimatum gameGriffin, John / Nickerson, David / Wozniak, Abigail
2016 Racial Differences in Labor Market Transitions and the Great RecessionCouch, Kenneth A. / Fairlie, Robert W. / Xu, Huanan
2007 Racial discrimination among NBA refereesPrice, Joseph / Wolfers, Justin
2010 Racial discrimination and household choresGrossbard, Shoshana / Giménez, José Ignacio / Molina, José Alberto
2015 Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the USGiulietti, Corrado / Tonin, Mirco / Vlassopoulos, Michael
2015 Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the USGiulietti, Corrado / Tonin, Mirco / Vlassopoulos, Michael
2014 Racial Discrimination in the U.S. Labor Market: Employment and Wage Differentials by SkillBorowczyk-Martins, Daniel / Bradley, Jake / Tarasonis, Linas
2011 Racial disparities in the cognition-health relationshipThompson, Owen
2011 Racial/ethnic and education-related disparities in control of risk factors for cardiovascular disease among diabeticsChatterji, Pinka / Joo, Heesoo / Lahiri, Kajal
2014 Racial Group Affinity and Religious Giving: Evidence from Congregation-Level Panel DataDimitrova-Grajzl, Valentina / Grajzl, Peter / Guse, A. Joseph / Smith, J. Taylor
2010 Racial harassment, ethnic concentration and economic conditionsDustmann, Christian / Fabbri, Francesca / Preston, Ian
2000 Racial Harassment, Job Satisfaction and Intentions to Quit: Evidence from the British Nursing ProfessionShields, Michael A.
2005 Racial harassment, job satisfaction and intentions to remain in the militaryAntecol, Heather / Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2006 Racial identity and educationPatacchini, Eleonora / Zenou, Yves
2010 Racial preferences in a small urban housing market: A spatial econometric analysis of microneighborhoods in Kingston, New YorkDeSilva, Sanjaya / Pham, Anh / Smith, Michael
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