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DateTitle Authors
2010 FX smile in the Heston modelJanek, Agnieszka / Kluge, Tino / Weron, Rafał / Wystup, Uwe
2000 FX trading... LIVE!: Dealer behaviour and trading systems in foreign exchange marketsBjønnes, Geir Høidal / Rime, Dagfinn
2009 FX volatility smile constructionReiswich, Dimitri / Wystup, Uwe
2009 G1 und iPhone exklusiv bei T-MobileCarter, Kenneth R. / Wernick, Christian
2011 The G20 and beyond: Towards effective global economic governanceVestergaard, Jakob
2012 The G20: Characters in search of an authorAngeloni, Ignazio / Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 The G20: Engine of Asian regionalism?Dobson, Hugo
2014 The G20 financial reform agenda after five yearsVéron, Nicolas
2009 G20-Gipfel: Die Ergebnisse von PittsburghHefeker, Carsten
2009 G-20-Gipfel in London: Ein Durchbruch zur Regulierung der Finanzmärkte?Langhammer, Rolf J. / Neuberger, Doris / Polleit, Thorsten / Wagner, Hermann A. / Collier, Irwin L.
2009 The G20 is not just a G7 with extra chairsBénassy-Quéré, Agnès / Kumar, Rajiv / Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2010 The G20 proposal on IMF governance: Has any progress been made?Menkhoff, Lukas / Meyer, Reeno
2010 The G20 proposal on IMF governance: Is there progress?Menkhoff, Lukas / Meyer, Reeno
2015 G7-Finanzgipfel in DresdenFuest, Clemens
2015 G8 high school reform results in higher grade repetition rates and lower graduate age, but does not affect graduation ratesHuebener, Mathias / Marcus, Jan
2012 GA-based dynamic base station operation to improve energy efficiencyPark, Soyoung / Park, Seokji
2013 Gaining access to customers' resources through relationship bondsBaxter, Roger A.
2002 Gaining access to housing in Germany : the foreign minority experienceDrever, Anita I. / Clark, William A. V.
1997 Gaining credibility and enhancing economic growth through regional integration: The case for EU membership of Eastern EuropePiazolo, Daniel
2012 Gaining insight into membership strategy: Competitive advantage by shaping institutionsBrandt, Thiemo / Bresser, Rudi K. F.
2000 Gain, loss, and asset pricing: It is much easier ; a noteLongarela, Iñaki R.
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