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DateTitle Authors
2010 Gale Shapley auf dem ArbeitsmarktSchüssler, Reinhard / Seidel, Christian
2010 The Galileo Project put to the test of European competition and public procurement lawKerber, Markus C.
2000 Gamblers' rationality in parimutuel soccer betting: Strategisches Spielverhalten bei Totalisatorspielen mit nicht-gleichwahrscheinlichen Spielausgängen wie Toto und TorwetteHauser, Ursula / König, Ulrich / Krylova, Elizaveta
Nov-2002 "The Gamblers Ruin" und die kritische Wahrscheinlichkeit. Geeignete Risikomaße bei Anlagen zur Alterssicherung?Scholtz, Hellmut D.
2010 Gambling and the use of credit: an individual and household level analysisBrown, Sarah / Dickerson, Andy / McHardy, Jolian / Taylor, Karl
2013 Gambling for dollars: Strategic hedge fund manager investmentBernhardt, Dan / Nosal, Ed
2011 Gambling for the upper hand: Settlement negotiations in the labMiettinen, Topi / Ropponen, Olli / Sääskilahti, Pekka
2012 Gambling in ContestsSeel, Christian / Strack, Philipp
2013 Gambling to Leapfrog in Status?Friehe, Tim / Mechtel, Mario
2014 Gambling to leapfrog in status?Friehe, Tim / Mechtel, Mario
2014 Game Form Misconceptions Do Not Explain the Endowment EffectBartling, Björn / Engl, Florian / Weber, Roberto A.
2000 The game of negotiations: Ordering issues and implementing agreementsBusch, Lutz-Alexander / Horstmann, Ignatius J.
2008 Game of Organizing International Cricket: Co-Existence of Country-Line and Club-Line GamesDas, Satya Prasanna
2008 Game of Organizing International Cricket: Co-Existence of Country-Line and Club-Line GamesDas, Satya Prasanna
2014 Game of Zones: The Political Economy of Conservation AreasAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Möller, Kristoffer / Waights, Sevrin / Wendland, Nicolai
2010 Game over: Empirical support for soccer bets regulationTowfigh, Emanuel Vahid / Glöckner, Andreas
2008 Games 2.0 jako próba konstrukcji społeczno-kulturowego perpetuum mobileKlimczuk, Andrzej
2007 Games in coalitional formKalai, Ehud
2013 Games on networks: Direct complements and indirect substitutesCurrarini, Sergio / Fumagalli, Elena / Panebianco, Fabrizio
2011 Games on Union Closed Systemsvan den Brink, Rene / Katsev, Ilya / van der Laan, Gerard
2009 The games we used to play: An application of survival analysis to the sporting life-courseLunn, Pete
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