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DateTitle Authors
2006 Cyclical wages in a search-and-bargaining model with large firmsRotemberg, Julio J.
2011 Cycling and walking for transport: Estimating net health effects from comparison of different transport mode users' self-reported physical activityVeisten, Knut / Flügel, Stefan / Ramjerdi, Farideh / Minken, Harald
2011 Cycling in Japan and Great Britain: A Preliminary DiscussionAndrade, Katia / Woods, Lee / Kagaya, Seiichi
2013 Cycling to School: Increasing Secondary School Enrollment for Girls in IndiaMuralidharan, Karthik / Prakash, Nishith
2013 The Cypriot precedentValiante, Diego
1998 Czech enterprises and the multidivisional form: Legitimation, legacies and structural choiceClark, Ed
2002 The Czech Republic's banking sector: Emerging from turbulent timesHájková, Dana / Hanousek, Jan / Němeček, Libor
2009 The Czech transition: The importance of microeconomic fundamentalsSvejnar, Jan / Uvalic, Milica
2015 DAC Peer Review Österreichs 2015 - eine vorläufige EinschätzungObrovsky, Michael / Raza, Werner
2014 Daddy Leave: Does It Change the Gender Division of Domestic Work?Schober, Pia S.
2014 Daddy MonthsMeier, Volker / Rainer, Helmut
2014 Daddy MonthsMeier, Volker / Rainer, Helmut
2005 Daily Effects of Foreign Exchange Intervention: Evidence from Official Bank of Canada DataFatum, Rasmus
1999 Daily Exchange Rate Behaviour and Hedging of Currency RiskBos, Charles S. / Mahieu, Ronald J. / van Dijk, Herman K.
2001 Daily Exchange Rate Behaviour and Hedging of Currency RiskBos, Charles S. / Mahieu, Ronald J. / van Dijk, Herman K.
2015 Daily Market News Sentiment and Stock PricesAllen, David E. / McAleer, Michael / Singh, Abhay K.
2002 Da ist doch viel mehr drin, Herr Minister! Nachhaltige Energiepolitik für Deutschland. Eine Antwort auf den Energiebericht des BundeswirtschaftsministersFischedick, Manfred / Hanke, Thomas / Kristof, Kora / Lechtenböhmer, Stefan / Thomas, Stefan
2008 Damage costs of climate change through intensification of tropical cyclone activities: An application of fundNarita, Daiju / Tol, Richard S. J. / Anthoff, David
2007 The damage from clean floats : from an anti-inflationary monetary policyPope, Robin / Selten, Reinhard / Kaiser, Johannes / Kube, Sebastian / von Hagen, Jürgen
2007 Damages for breach of contract, impossibility of performance and legal enforceabilityColoma, Germán
2006 Damit fertig werden, das Beste herausholen und es irgendwie schaffen: Beiträge zur Fachtagung 'Physisch und psychisch beeinträchtigte Personen am Arbeitsplatz' vom 15. März 2005 in Wien
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