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DateTitle Authors
2011 Factor shares, the price markup, and the elasticity of substitution between capital and laborRaurich, Xavier / Sala, Hector / Sorolla, Valeri
2013 Factors influencing export in bilateral trade: An empirical investigation in the Middle-East contextSherif, Souad / Fantazy, Kamel
2013 Factors influencing farmers' behavior in rice seed selling in the market: A case study in the Tarai region of NepalKhanal, Narayan P. / Maharjan, Keshav L.
2012 Factors influencing German house owners' preferences on energy retrofitsAchtnicht, Martin / Madlener, Reinhard
2005 Factors influencing income inequality across urban Argentina (1998-2003)Santos, María Emma
2011 Factors influencing the adoption of mobile services consumers' preferences using analytic hierarchy processNikou, Shahrokh / Mezei, Jozsef / Bouwman, Harry / Liu, Yong
1997 Factors influencing the Composition of the Urban Transport System in the Year 2030 - A Panel Analysis of Experts' OpinionsGorter, Cees / Rienstra, Sytze A.
2014 The factors influencingthenon-usage of smart TVservicesbyKorean buyersPark, JongHyun / Kim, MoonKoo
2014 Factors influencing willingness to participate in multi-stakeholder platform by smallholder farmers in Northern Ghana: Implication for research and developmentMartey, Edward / Etwire, Prince M. / Wiredu, Alexander Nimo / Dogbe, Wilson
2013 Factors leading to inflation targeting: The impact of adoptionSamarina, Anna / Sturm, Jan-Egbert
2010 Factors of effective strategy implementation: Empirical evidence from Slovenian business practiceCater, Tomac / Pucko, Danijel
2012 Factors of FTTH deployment in Japan: A panel data analysisAkematsu, Yuji / Shinohara, Sobee / Tsuji, Masatsugu
2011 The factors of growth of small family businesses: A robust estimation of the behavioral consistency in the panel data modelsBenáček, Vladimír / Michalíková, Eva
2013 Factors of trade in EuropeHanousek, Jan / Koécenda, Evézen
2009 The factor-spline-GARCH model for high and low frequency correlationsRangel, Jose Gonzalo / Engle, Robert F.
2007 Factor substitution, income distribution, and growth in a generalized neoclassical modelIrmen, Andreas / Klump, Rainer
2000 Factor supplies and specialization in the world economyHarrigan, James / Zakrajések, Egon
2005 Factor Supplies and the Direction of Technical ChangeSvaleryd, Helena / Vlachos, Jonas
1996 Factor taxation, income distribution, and capital market integrationHaufler, Andreas
1993 Factory Automation and Economic Performance: A Micro-to-Macro AnalysisCarlsson, Bo / Taymaz, Erol / Tryggestad, Kjell
2009 Factory Outlet Stores: Ein Trend in Deutschland?Nufer, Gerd / Sieber, Dorothea
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