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DateTitle Authors
2002 ICT diffusion and skill upgrading in Korean industriesHur, Jai-Joon / Seo, Hwan-Joo / Lee, Young Soo
2008 ICT diffusion, innovation systems, globalisation and regional economic dynamics: Theory and empirical evidenceKarlsson, Charlie / Maier, Gunther / Trippl, Michaela / Siedschlag, Iulia / Owen, Robert / Murphy, Gavin
1-Sep-2014 ICT Driven Public Service InnovationCsoto, Mihaly / Robert, Imre / Krasznay, Csaba / Merkovity, Norbert / Molnar, Szilard / Monda, Eszter / Nemeslaki, Andras / Ocskay, Gyula / Rab, Arpad / Rauch, Wolf / Sasvari, Peter / Major, Stella / Szadeczky, Tamas
2015 IC Technology and Learning: An Impact Evaluation of Cl@ssi2.0Checchi, Daniele / Rettore, Enrico / Girardi, Silvia
2015 ICT ecosystems in small countries: an analysis of LuxembourgBinsfeld, Nico / Pugalis, Lee / Whalley, Jason
2012 ICT for growth: A targeted approachGrajek, Michał
2005 ICT, global markets and small firms in less-developed regions in Europe - the case of mature sectors in a Spanish ProvinceRodríguez-Cohard, Juan Carlos / Moral-Pajares, Encarnación
2004 ICT, Innovation and Business Performance in Services: Evidence for Germany and the Netherlandsvan der Wiel, Henry / van Leeuwen, George / Hempell, Thomas
2011 ICT, innovation and the e-economyBrynjolfsson, Erik
2012 ICT Intermediates, Growth and Productivity Spillovers: Evidence from Comparison of Growth Effects inGerman and US Manufacturing SectorsStrobel, Thomas
2001 ICT Investment and Growth of Output and ProductivityLeo, Hannes
2004 ICT-Linked Firm Reorganisation and Productivity GainsFalk, Martin
2004 ICT loves agglomeration The urban impacts of ICT in the NetherlandsRaspe, Otto / Oort, Frank Van
2002 ICT opportunities and challenges for development in the Arab WorldNour, Samia Satti O. M.
2001 ICT production and diffusion in Asia: Digital dividends or digital divide?Wong, Poh-Kam
2003 The ICT Revolution: Opportunities and Risks for the MezzogiornoBellini, Elena / Ottaviano, Gianmarco I.P. / Pinelli, Dino
2006 ICTs and rural development in IndiaSingh, Nirvikar
2006 ICTs and rural development in IndiaSingh, Nirvikar
2010 ICT skills and employment: A randomized experimentBlanco, Mariana / Lopez Boo, Florencia
2005 ICT, skills, and organisational change: Evidence from a panel of Italian manufacturing firmsGiuri, Paola / Torrisi, Salvatore / Zinovyeva, Natalia
2014 ICTs' Spatial Diffusion WavesNagirnaya, Anastasia
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