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DateTitle Authors
2010 A yield spread perspective on the great financial crisis: Break-point test evidenceGuidolin, Massimo / Tam, Yu Man
2012 The yield spread puzzle and the information content of SPF forecastsLahiri, Kajal / Monokroussos, George / Zhao, Yongchen
2011 Yield spreads on EMU government bonds: How the financial crisis has helped investors to rediscover riskKlepsch, Catharina / Wollmershäuser, Timo
2009 Yiliopistollinen teknologoansiirto muutosten pyörteissä, näkemyksiä shok korkeakoulukeksintölain ja yliopistolain vaikutuksista tutkimus- ja innovaatiotoimintaanTahvanainen, Antti-Jussi
2006 Yksityisten palveluaojen kansainvälinen tuottavuusvertailuKaitila, Ville / Mankinen, Reijo / Nikula, Nuutti
2006 Ympäristöliiketoiminnan määrittely ja tilastollinen seuranta: Ympäristöalalle lisää kilpailukykyäViitamo, Esa / Hernesniemi, Hannu
2013 You are who your friends are: An experiment on trust and homophily in friendship networksKataria, Mitesh / Winter, Fabian
2012 You better play 7: Mutual versus common knowledge of advice in a weak-link experimentDevetag, Giovanna / Hosni, Hykel / Sillari, Giacomo
2012 You can pick your friends, but you need to watch them: Loan screening and enforcement in a referrals field experimentBryan, Gharad / Karlan, Dean / Zinman, Jonathan
2014 You can't always get what you want: Gender differences in job satisfaction of university graduatesBönte, Werner / Krabel, Stefan
2010 You can't be happier than your wife: happiness gaps and divorceGuven, Cahit / Senik, Claudia / Stichnoth, Holger
2009 You can't be happier than your wife: happiness gaps and divorceGuven, Cahit / Senik, Claudia / Stichnoth, Holger
2010 You Can't Be Happier than Your Wife: Happiness Gaps and DivorceStichnoth, Holger / Guven, Cahit / Senik, Claudia
2007 You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs: the impact of venture capitalists on executive turnoverHeger, Diana / Tykvová, Tereza
2007 You don't always get what you pay forSchnedler, Wendelin
2011 You Don't Know what You've got till It's Gone! Unemployment and Intertemporal Changes in Self-Reported Life SatisfactionKlemm, Marcus
2015 "You must not know about me": On the willingness to share personal dataSchudy, Simeon / Utikal, Verena
2009 Young and innocent international evidence on age effects within grades on school victimization in elementary schoolMühlenweg, Andrea M.
2008 Young and old competing for public welfare servicesBorge, Lars-Erik / Rattsø, Jørn
2005 Young and out: An application of a prospects-based concept of social exclusionRaaum, Oddbjørn / Rogstad, Jon / Røed, Knut / Westlie, Lars
1997 Young and out in Germany: On the youths' chances of labor market entrance in GermanyFranz, Wolfgang / Inkmann, Joachim / Pohlmeier, Winfried / Zimmermann, Volker
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