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DateTitle Authors
2009 Yiliopistollinen teknologoansiirto muutosten pyörteissä, näkemyksiä shok korkeakoulukeksintölain ja yliopistolain vaikutuksista tutkimus- ja innovaatiotoimintaanTahvanainen, Antti-Jussi
2006 Yksityisten palveluaojen kansainvälinen tuottavuusvertailuKaitila, Ville / Mankinen, Reijo / Nikula, Nuutti
2006 Ympäristöliiketoiminnan määrittely ja tilastollinen seuranta: Ympäristöalalle lisää kilpailukykyäViitamo, Esa / Hernesniemi, Hannu
2013 You are who your friends are: An experiment on trust and homophily in friendship networksKataria, Mitesh / Winter, Fabian
2012 You better play 7: Mutual versus common knowledge of advice in a weak-link experimentDevetag, Giovanna / Hosni, Hykel / Sillari, Giacomo
2012 You can pick your friends, but you need to watch them: Loan screening and enforcement in a referrals field experimentBryan, Gharad / Karlan, Dean / Zinman, Jonathan
2014 You can't always get what you want: Gender differences in job satisfaction of university graduatesBönte, Werner / Krabel, Stefan
2010 You can't be happier than your wife: happiness gaps and divorceGuven, Cahit / Senik, Claudia / Stichnoth, Holger
2009 You can't be happier than your wife: happiness gaps and divorceGuven, Cahit / Senik, Claudia / Stichnoth, Holger
2010 You Can't Be Happier than Your Wife: Happiness Gaps and DivorceStichnoth, Holger / Guven, Cahit / Senik, Claudia
2007 You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs: the impact of venture capitalists on executive turnoverHeger, Diana / Tykvová, Tereza
2007 You don't always get what you pay forSchnedler, Wendelin
2011 You Don't Know what You've got till It's Gone! Unemployment and Intertemporal Changes in Self-Reported Life SatisfactionKlemm, Marcus
2009 Young and innocent international evidence on age effects within grades on school victimization in elementary schoolMühlenweg, Andrea M.
2008 Young and old competing for public welfare servicesBorge, Lars-Erik / Rattsø, Jørn
2005 Young and out: An application of a prospects-based concept of social exclusionRaaum, Oddbjørn / Rogstad, Jon / Røed, Knut / Westlie, Lars
1997 Young and out in Germany: On the youths' chances of labor market entrance in GermanyFranz, Wolfgang / Inkmann, Joachim / Pohlmeier, Winfried / Zimmermann, Volker
2014 Young Entrepreneurs in Rural Africa: Prevalence, Determinants, ProductivityNagler, Paula / Naudé, Wim
2008 The younger, the better? Relative age effects at universityBillari, Francesco C. / Pellizzari, Michele
2013 Young FSU Migrants in Germany: Educational Attainment and Early Labor Market OutcomesFlake, Regina
2012 Young immigrant children and their educational attainmentOhinata, Asako / van Ours, Jan C.
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