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DateTitle Authors
2007 2007: Ein weiteres Erfolgsjahr für die deutsche ChemieindustrieSahm, Wilfried
2006 2007 farm bill: Policy options and consequences for Northeast speciality crop industries, small farms, and sustainability. Report on listening sessionsBills, Nelson / White, Jerry
2009 The 2008 Chilean reform to first-pillar pensionsValdés-Prieto, Salvador
9-May-2011 2008 Economic Crisis Analysis: The Macroeconomic ApproachGolmohammadpoor Azar, Kamran
2009 The 2008 federal intervention to stabilize Fannie Mae and Freddie MacFrame, W. Scott
2010 The 2008 Financial Crisis and Potential Output in Asia: Impact and Policy ImplicationsPark, Cyn-Young / Majuca, Ruperto / Yap, Josef
2010 The 2008 financial crisis and taxation policyHemmelgarn, Thomas / Nicodème, Gaëtan J.A.
2011 2008 global crisis: Is foreign currency denominated debt an important indicator?Akca, Ozden
2013 2008 Krizi Üsselleşirken Türkiye’'nin Sürdürülemez Büyüme ModeliKazgan, Gülten
2012 2008 Küresel Krizi: Nedenleri, Etik Ilkeleri ve Iktisat EğitimiKazgan, Gülten
2009 2008 Lawrence R. Klein lecture - Comparative economic development: Insights from unified growth theoryGalor, Oded
2010 The 2008 survey of consumer payment choiceFoster, Kevin / Meijer, Erik / Schuh, Scott / Zabek, Michael A.
2009 The 2008 WITCH model: New model features and baselineBosetti, Valentina / Tavoni, Massimo / De Cian, Enrica / Sgobbi, Alessandra
2011 The 2009 survey of consumer payment choiceFoster, Kevin / Meijer, Erik / Schuh, Scott / Zabek, Michael A.
2009 200 Jahre Darwin und 250 Jahre Theory of Moral Sentiments von Adam Smith: Zur Aktualität eines vergessenen WerkesBluemle, Gerold
2010 The 2010 Martin Feldstein lectureFerguson, Roger W.
2010 The 2010 World Cup high-frequency data economics: effects on international awareness and (self-defeating) tourismdu Plessis, Stan / Maennig, Wolfgang
2013 The 2011 European short sale ban on financial stocks: A cure or a curse?Félix, Luiz / Kräussl, Roman / Stork, Philip
2011 The 2011 Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis: evidence of contagion from international financial marketsAsongu, Simplice A.
2014 2012 update report to the study to quantify and analyse the VAT gap in the EU-27 member statesBarbone, Luca / Bonch-Osmolovskiy, Mikhail / Poniatowski, Grzegorz
2013 2013 election to German Bundestag from the viewpoint of direct democracyTangian, Andranik S.
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