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DateTitle Authors
2010 Earnings determination and taxes: evidence from a cohort based payroll tax reform in GreeceSaez, Emmanuel / Matsaganis, Manos / Tsakloglou, Panos
2008 Earnings differences between Chinese and Indian wage earners, 1987 - 2004Bargain, Olivier / Bhaumik, Sumon Kumar / Chakrabarty, Manisha / Zhao, Zhong
2013 The Earnings Differential between Formal and Informal Employees in Urban ChinaZuo, Hong
2013 Earnings Differentials and Returns to Education in China, 1995-2008Cui, Yuling / Nahm, Daehoon / Tani, Massimiliano
2010 Earnings disparities and income inequality in CEE countries: An analysis of development and relationshipsVe?erník, Ji?í
2002 Earnings Dispersion, Risk Aversion and EducationBelzil, Christian / Hansen, Jörgen
2015 Earnings, Disposable Income, and Consumption of Allowed and Rejected Disability Insurance ApplicantsKostøl, Andreas Ravndal / Mogstad, Magne
2009 Earnings dynamics and inequality among men across 14 EU countries, 1994 - 2001: evidence from ECHPSologon, Denisa Maria / O'Donoghue, Cathal
2010 Earnings dynamics and inequality among men in Luxembourg, 1988 - 2004: Evidence from administrative dataSologon, Denisa Maria / O'Donoghue, Cathal
2002 Earnings Dynamics and Inequality during Macroeconomic Turbulence: Sweden 1991-1999Gustavsson, Magnus
2006 The earnings effect of education at community collegesMarcotte, Dave E.
2003 Earnings effects of adult secondary education in SwedenEkström, Erika
1999 Earnings Effects of Household Investment in Health in ColombiaRibero, Rocio
2007 Earnings effects of training programsLechner, Michael / Melly, Blaise
2001 Earnings Expectations and Higher Education Enrolment Decisions in HungaryVarga, Julia
2008 Earnings functions and rates of returnHeckman, James Joseph / Lochner, Lance J. / Todd, Petra E.
2007 Earnings functions and the measurement of the determinants of wage dispersion: Extending Oaxaca's approachSilber, Jacques
2005 Earnings functions, rates of return and treatment effects: the Mincer equation and beyondHeckman, James Joseph / Lochner, Lance J. / Todd, Petra E.
2013 Earnings gap, cohort effect and economic assimilation of immigrants from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the United StatesLin, Carl
2012 Earnings growth and movements in self-reported healthHalliday, Timothy
2013 Earnings Growth of Mexican Immigrants: New versus Traditional DestinationsKaushal, Neeraj / Shang, Ce
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