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DateTitle Authors
2008 Satisficing in strategic environments: a theoretical approach and experimental evidenceGüth, Werner / Levati, Maria Vittoria / Ploner, Matteo
2009 Saúde no Brasil: Algumas questões sobre o sistema único de saúde (SUS)Piola, Sérgio Francisco / Vianna, Solon Magalhães / Marinho, Alexandre / Carvalho, Déa / Ribeiro, José Aparecido / da Silva, Joelmir Rodrigues / Servo, Luciana Mendes / Nogueira, Roberto Passos
2005 Savers, spenders and fiscal policy in a small open economyMatsen, Egil / Sveen, Tommy / Torvik, Ragnar
2012 Save some, lose some: Biological consequences of an unexpected wage cutBejenariu, Simona / Mitrut, Andreea
2013 Saving and Consumption When Children Move OutKlos, Alexander / Rottke, Simon
2002 Saving and Habit Formation: Evidence from Dutch Panel DataAlessie, Rob / Teppa, Federica
2012 Saving and learning: Theory and evidence from saving for child's collegeZhu, Junyi
2012 Saving and portfolio allocation before and after job lossBasten, Christoph / Fagereng, Andreas / Telle, Kjetil
2002 Saving and spending retirement wealthMitchell, Olivia S.
1997 Saving Behavior in Latin America: Overview and Policy IssuesGavin, Michael / Hausmann, Ricardo / Talvi, Ernesto
2000 The Saving Behaviour of Two Person Households: Evidence from Dutch Panel DataEuwals, Rob / Börsch-Supan, Axel / Eymann, Angelika
1985 Saving for Development: A Linkage Model for Informal and Formal Financial MarketsSeibel, Hans Dieter
2005 Saving, investment and the net foreign asset positionHoffmann, Mathias
2012 Saving lives at birth: The impact of home births on infant outcomesDaysal, N. Meltem / Trandafir, Mircea / van Ewijk, Reyn
2011 Saving, Microinsurance: Why You Should Do Both or Nothing. A Behavioral Experiment on the PhilippinesLandmann, Andreas / Vollan, Björn / Frölich, Markus
2012 Saving on a rainy day, borrowing for a rainy dayAlan, Sule / Crossley, Thomas / Low, Hamish
2013 Saving Private ParetoHouba, Harold / Luttens, Roland Iwan / Weikard, Hans-Peter
2013 Saving Rate Dynamics in the Neoclassical Growth Model: Hyperbolic Discounting and Observational EquivalenceFarzin, Y. Hossein / Wendner, Ronald
2011 Saving rates and portfolio choice with subsistence consumptionAchury, Carolina / Hubar, Sylwia / Koulovatianos, Christos
2006 Savings Accounts and the Life-Cycle Approach to Social InsuranceBirch Sørensen, Peter / Hansen, Martin Ino / Bovenberg, A. Lans
2012 Savings Adequacy Uncertainty: Driver or Obstacle to Increased Pension Contributions?van Schie, Ron J.G. / Donkers, Bas / Dellaert, Benedict G.C.
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