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DateTitle Authors
2001 Macroeconomic constraints on economic development and poverty reduction : the case of BoliviaSchweickert, Rainer
2004 Macroeconomic co-ordination as an economic policy concept : opportunities and obstacles in the EMUTruger, Achim / Hein, Eckhard
2004 Macroeconomic Crisis and Individual Firm Performance: The Mexican ExperienceWatkins, Karen / van Dijk, Dick / Spronk, Jaap
2005 Macroeconomic derivatives: an initial analysis of market-based macro forecasts, uncertainty and riskGürkaynak, Refet S. / Wolfers, Justin
2000 Macroeconomic determinants of contingent protection: The case of the European UnionBecker, Bettina / Theuringer, Martin
1998 Macroeconomic determinants of currency turbulences in emerging marketsSchnatz, Bernd
2012 Macroeconomic determinants of exit from aid-dependenceHailu, Degol / Shiferaw, Admasu
2004 Macroeconomic Determinants of International TradeRose, Andrew K.
2013 Macroeconomic Determinants of Retirement TimingGorodnichenko, Yuriy / Song, Jae / Stolyarov, Dmitriy
2008 Macroeconomic determinants of the term structure of corporate spreadsYang, Jun
2006 Macroeconomic differentials and adjustment in the euro areaTraistaru-Siedschlag, Iulia
1996 A macroeconomic disequilibrium model of the German credit marketWinker, Peter
2003 Macroeconomic Dynamics and Credit Risk: A Global PerspectiveSchuermann, Til / Treutler, Björn-Jakob / Weiner, Scott M. / Pesaran, M. Hashem
2010 Macroeconomic dynamics and inflation regimes in the US: Results from threshold vector autoregressionsMandler, Martin
2011 Macroeconomic dynamics in a model of goods, labor and credit market frictionsPetrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas / Wasmer, Etienne
1-Dec-2011 The macroeconomic effect of the information and communication technology in HungarySasvari, Peter
2002 Macroeconomic effects of an energy saving policy in the public sectorQuirion, Philippe
2003 Macroeconomic Effects of Catalan Fiscal Deficit with the Spanish State (2002-2010)Pons, Jordi / Tremosa-i-Balcells, Ramon
2010 Macroeconomic Effects of China’s Fiscal StimulusCova, Pietro / Pisani, Massimiliano / Rebucci, Alessandro
2014 Macroeconomic Effects of Credit Deepening in Latin AmericaCarvalho, Carlos / Pasca, Nilda / Souza, Laura / Zilberman, Eduardo
2009 The Macroeconomic Effects of European Financial Development: A Heterogenous Panel AnalysisHolly, Sean / Raissi, Mehdi
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