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DateTitle Authors
2000 The Tail of Two Countries: Minimum Wages and Employment in France and the United StatesAbowd, John M. / Kramarz, Francis / Margolis, David N. / Philippon, Thomas
2014 Tailored Bayesian Mechanisms: Experimental Evidence from Two-Stage Voting GamesEngelmann, Dirk / Grüner, Hans Peter
2006 Tailoring compliance risk and the compliance function for non-financial organizations: A step further and beyond the Basel's proposels for banksApreda, Rodolfo
2003 Tailoring copula-based multivariate generalized hyperbolic secant distributions to financial return data: an empirical investigationFischer, Matthias J.
2013 Tail Parameters of Stable Distributions Using One Million Observations of Real Estate Returns from Five ContinentsStein, Michael / Piazolo, Daniel / Stoyanov, Stoyan V.
2013 Tail Probabilities and Partial Moments for Quadratic Forms in Multivariate Generalized Hyperbolic Random VectorsBroda, Simon A.
2006 Tail Probabilities for Regression EstimatorsMikosch, Thomas / de Vries, Casper G.
2009 A tail quantile approximation formula for the student t and the symmetric generalized hyperbolic distributionSchlüter, Stephan / Fischer, Matthias J.
2015 Tail risk in hedge funds: A unique view from portfolio holdingsAgarwal, Vikas / Ruenzi, Stefan / Weigert, Florian
2004 Tails of credit default portfoliosKuhn, Gabriel
2002 Tail Wags Dog? Time-Varying Information Shares in the Bund MarketUpper, Christian / Werner, Thomas
2010 Tainted Food, Low-Quality Products and TradeViaene, Jean-Marie / Zhao, Laixun
2003 Tainted Money? Contribution Limits and the Effectiveness of Campaign SpendingStratmann, Thomas
2002 Taipei,China's Banking Problems: Lessons from the Japanese ExperienceMontgomery, Heather
2004 The Taiwanese health care system under efficiency scrutinySchreyögg, Jonas
2003 Taiwan`s domestic politics since the presidential elections 2000Halbeisen, Hermann
2010 'Take it or go to court': The impact of sec. 1a of the German protection against dismissal act on severance paymentsGoerke, Laszlo / Pannenberg, Markus
2000 Take it or leave it: (Non-) take-up behavior of social assistance in GermanyKayser, Hilke / Frick, Joachim R.
2010 Take it or leave it: take-up, optimal transfer programs, and monitoringJacquet, Laurence
2007 TakeoffsAizenman, Joshua / Spiegel, Mark
2007 The Takeover and Selection Effects of Foreign Ownership in Germany : An Analysis Using Linked Worker-Firm DataAndrews, Martyn J. / Bellmann, Lutz / Schank, Thorsten / Upward, Richard
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