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DateTitle Authors
2006 The byrd amendment as facilitating a tacit international business collusionOgawa, Yoshitomo / Ono, Yoshiyasu
2012 Bystander responses and xenophobic mobilizationBraun, Robert / Koopmans, Ruud
2004 By What Measure? Family Time Devoted to Children in the U.S.Folbre, Nancy / Yoon, Jayoung / Finnoff, Kade / Fuligni, Allison Sidle
2013 A cacophony of policy responses: Evidence from fourteen countries during the 2007/08 food price crisisBryan, Shane
2014 Cadastro Único: A registry supported by a national public bankMostafa, Joana / Sátyro, Natália G. D.
1991 Cadmium in West Germany : how much do we know about stocks and flows?Klepper, Gernot / Michaelis, Peter
2009 Cairo evaluation clinic: Thoughts on randomized trials for evaluation of developmentKarlan, Dean
2014 Cake cutting: Fair and squareSegal-Halevi, Erel / Nitzan, Shmuel
2006 Cake division by majority decisionGersbach, Hans / Pachl, Bernhard
2014 Cake-Eating with Private InformationGerlagh, Reyer / Liski, Matti
2010 Calculating Benefits of Infrastructural MeasuresZoellig, Christof / Axhausen, Kay W
2011 Calculating confidence intervals for continuous and discontinuous functions of estimated parametersHam, John C. / Woutersen, Tiemen
2013 Calculating confidence intervals for continuous and discontinuous functions of parametersWoutersen, Tiemen / Ham, John C.
2008 Calculating costs of pig production with the InterPIG networkHaxsen, Gerhard
2007 Calculating human capital: The market based valuation of the human resourceBechtel, Roman
2002 Calculating MIPS: Resource productivity of products and servicesRitthoff, Michael / Rohn, Holger / Liedtke, Christa
2012 Calculating the 'greening' effect: A case study approach to predict the gross margin losses in different farm types in Germany due to the reform of the CAPHeinrich, Barbara
2015 Calculating trading book capital: Is risk separation appropriate?Raupach, Peter
2004 Calculating tragedy : assessing the costs of terrorismFrey, Bruno S. / Luechinger, Simon / Stutzer, Alois
2004 Calculation of LTC Premiums based on direct estimates of transition probabilitiesHelms, Florian / Czado, Claudia / Gschlößl, Susanne
2006 Calculation of Multivariate Normal Probabilities by Simulation, with Applications to Maximum Simulated Likelihood EstimationCappellari, Lorenzo / Jenkins, Stephen P.
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