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DateTitle Authors
2010 Putting foucault to work on the environment: Exploring pro-environmental behaviour change as a form of disciplineHargreaves, Tom
2014 Putting it all together: Aggregating impacts of school-feeding programmes on education, health and nutrition: two proposed methodologiesGelli, Aulo / Espejo, Francisco / Shen, Jing / Kristjansson, Elizabeth
2003 Putting Legal Restrictions Theory to the Test: An Arkansan Experiment, 1861-1863Weidenmier, Marc D. / Burdekin, Richard C. K.
2005 Putting new economic geography to the test : free-ness of trade and agglomeration in the EU regionsBrakman, Steven / Garretsen, Harry / Schramm, Marc
2015 Putting on a tight leash and levelling playing field: An experiment in strategic obfuscation and consumer protectionGu, Yiquan / Wenzel, Tobias
2008 Putting poverty in political context: A multi-level analysis of working-aged poverty across 18 affluent democraciesBrady, David / Fullerton, Andrew S. / Cross, Jennifer Moren
2011 Putting Ratios into a Firm Value Context for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship StudentsArnold, Tom
2005 Putting risk in its proper placeEeckhoudt, Louis / Schlesinger, Harris
2013 Putting Structure on the RD Design: Social Transfers and Youth Inactivity in FranceBargain, Olivier / Doorley, Karina
2009 Putting teenagers on the pill: The consequences of subsidized contraceptionGrönqvist, Hans
2008 Putting the record straight: industrial relations and the employment relationshipSisson, Keith
2009 Putting up a good fight: the Galí-Monacelli model versus "the six major puzzles in international macroeconomics"Ried, Stefan
1979 A Putty-Clay Model of Demand Uncertainty and InvestmentAlbrecht, James W. / Hart, Albert G.
2002 The puzzle of egalitarianism: About the relationships between employment, wage inequality, social expenditures and povertyCantillon, Bea / Marx, Ive / Van den Bosch, Karel
2009 The puzzle of Muslim advantage in child survival in IndiaBhalotra, Sonia / Valente, Christine / van Soest, Arthur
2002 The puzzle of the Swiss interest rate island : stylized facts and a new interpretationKugler, Peter / Weder, Beatrice
2009 The 'puzzles' methodology: En route to indirect inference?Vo Phuong Mai Le / Minford, Patrick / Wickens, Michael
2007 Puzzles, paradoxes and regularities: Cyclical and structural productivity in the US (1950 - 2005)Jeon, Yongbok / Vernengo, Matías
2004 The puzzle with increasing money demand: Evidence from a cross-section of countriesGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2012 Puzzling decline in rural women's labor force participation in India: A reexaminationNeff, Daniel / Sen, Kunal / Kling, Veronika
2007 The puzzling evolution of the home bias, information processing and financial opennessMondria, Jordi / Wu, Thomas
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