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DateTitle Authors
2011 Utilising microsimulation to estimate new marginal returns to education: Ireland 1987-2005Flannery, Darragh / O'Donoghue, Cathal
2004 Utilitarian Collective Choice and VotingHillinger, Claude
2009 Utilitarian mechanism design for an excludable public goodHellwig, Martin
2012 A utilitarian notion of responsibility for sustainabilityFünfgelt, Joachim / Baumgärtner, Stefan
2005 Utility-Based Altruism: Evidence in Favour Gary BeckerBolle, Friedel / Kritikos, Alexander S.
2004 Utility based regional purchasing power paritiesMissong, Martin / Rolf, Anja
2005 Utility duality under additional information: conditional measures versus filtration enlargementsAnkirchner, Stefan
2001 Utility functions for life years and health status: An additional remarkHappich, Michael
2006 Utility Functions of Equivalent Form and the Effect of Parameter Changes on Optimum Decision MakingBroll, Udo / Battermann, Harald L. / Wahl, Jack E.
2000 Utility Maximization and DualityLeitner, Johannes
2008 A utility representation theorem with weaker continuity conditionInoue, Tomoki
2006 Utility versus Income-Based AltruismKritikos, Alexander S. / Bolle, Friedel
1996 The utilization of human capital in the U.S.: 1975 - 1992. Patterns of work and earnings among working age malesHaveman, Robert / Buron, Lawrence / Bershadker, Andrew
1996 Utilization of R&D Results in the Home and Foreign Plants of MultinationalsFors, Gunnar
2011 Utilization of trade agreements in Sri Lanka: Perceptions of exporters vs. statistical measurementsMel, Deshal De / Jayaratne, Suwendrani / Premaratne, Dharshani
1994 The utilization of U.S. male labor: 1975-1992. Estimates of foregone work hoursBuron, Lawrence / Haveman, Robert / O'Donnell, Owen
1993 Utlandsinvesteringar och policyimplikationerAndersson, Thomas
2001 U-type versus J-type tournamentsKräkel, Matthias
2002 U-type versus J-type Tournaments as Alternative Solutions to the Unverifiability ProblemKräkel, Matthias
2012 Uudistaminen ja yhteistyöverkostot Suomen teollisuudessa: Havaintoja yrityskyselystäNikulainen, Tuomo / Salmi, Julia
2002 Uusi talous: Tapaustutkimuksia suomalaisyrityksissäLampinen, Mattio
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