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DateTitle Authors
2013 Cyclicality of Job and Worker Flows: New Data and a New Set of Stylized FactsWellschmied, Felix Maximilian / Bachmann, Rüdiger / Bayer, Christian / Seth, Stefan
2014 The Cyclicality of Labor Market Flows: A Multiple-Shock ApproachHairault, Jean-Olivier / Zhutova, Anastasia
2012 Cyclicality of real wages in the USA and Germany: New insights from wavelet analysisMarczak, Martyna / Gómez, Víctor
2013 The cyclicality of sales, regular and effective prices: Business cycle and policy implicationsCoibion, Olivier / Gorodnichenko, Yuriy / Hong, Gee Hee
2012 The cyclicality of the separation and job finding rates in FranceHairault, Jean-Olivier / Le Barbanchon, Thomas / Sopraseuth, Thepthida
2015 The Cyclicality of the Stepping Stone Effect of Temporary Agency EmploymentJahn, Elke Jutta / Rosholm, Michael
2012 Cyclical long-term development of complex technologies: Premature expectations in nanotechnology?Schmoch, Ulrich / Thielmann, Axel
2010 The cyclically adjusted budget balance in EU fiscal policymaking: Love at first sight turned into a mature relationshipLarch, Martin / Turrini, Alessandro
2013 Cyclically neutral generational accountingBonin, Holger / Patxot, Concepció / Souto, Guadalupe
2008 Cyclical movements in unemployment and informality in developing countriesBosch, Mariano / Maloney, William F.
2003 The Cyclical Nature of North-South FDI FlowsYeyati, Eduardo Levy / Panizza, Ugo / Stein, Ernesto H.
2000 Cyclical occupational choice in a model with rational wage expectations and perfect occupational mobilityFelderer, Bernhard / Drost, André
2010 Cyclical patterns of employment, utilization and profitabilityZipperer, Ben / Skott, Peter
2005 Cyclical price fluctuations caused by information inertia : evidence from the German call-by-call telephone marketBaier, Antje / Bolle, Friedel
2009 Cyclical skill-biased technological changeBalleer, Almut / van Rens, Thijs
2013 Cyclical unemployment, structural unemploymentDiamond, Peter A.
2013 Cyclical unemployment, structural unemploymentDiamond, Peter
2012 Cyclical variation in labor hours and productivity using the ATUSBurda, Michael C. / Hamermesh, Daniel S. / Stewart, Jay Charles
2013 Cyclical variation in labor hours and productivity using the ATUSBurda, Michael C. / Hamermesh, Daniel S. / Stewart, Jay
2010 The cyclical volatility of labor markets under frictional financial marketsPetrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas / Wasmer, Etienne
2006 Cyclical wages in a search-and-bargaining model with large firmsRotemberg, Julio J.
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