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DateTitle Authors
2008 Label performance and the willingness to pay for fair trade coffee: a cross-national perspectiveBasu, Arnab K. / Hicks, Robert L.
2009 Lab experiments are a major source of knowledge in the social sciencesFalk, Armin / Heckman, James Joseph
2009 Lab experiments are a major source of knowledge in the social sciencesFalk, Armin / Heckman, James Joseph
1998 Labile WeltwirtschaftWeinert, Günter
2010 Lab labor: What can labor economists learn from the lab?Charness, Gary / Kuhn, Peter
2015 Lab measures of other-regarding preferences can predict some related on-the-job behavior: Evidence from a large scale field experimentBurks, Stephen V. / Nosenzo, Daniele / Anderson, Jon / Bombyk, Matthew / Ganzhorn, Derek / Götte, Lorenz / Rustichini, Aldo
1972 Labor absorption with import substituting industrialization: An examination of elasticities of substitution in the Brazilian manufacturing sectorTyler, William G.
1973 Labor absorptive capacity of export expansion and import substitution in Egypt, 1954 to 1970Girgis, Maurice
2007 Labor adjustment costs in a panel of establishments: a structural approachEjarque, João Miguel / Portugal, Pedro
2001 Labor and Financial Market Interactions: The Case of Labor Income Risk and Car Insurance in the UK 1969-95Koeniger, Winfried
Sep-2013 Labor and Love: Wives' Employment and Divorce Risk in its Socio-political ContextCooke, Lynn P. / Erola, Jani / Evertsson, Marie / Gähler, Michael / Härkönen, Juho / Hewitt, Belinda / Jalovaara, Marika / Kan, Man-Yee / Lyngstad, Torkild Hovde / Mencarini, Letizia / Mignot, Jean-Francois / Mortelmans, Dimitri / Poortman, Anne-Rigt / Schmitt, Christian / Trappe, Heike
2003 Labor and the Market Value of the FirmMerz, Monika / Yashiv, Eran
2008 Laboratory for Simulation Development: LSDValente, Marco
2015 Laboratory Measure of Cheating Predicts Misbehavior at SchoolCohn, Alain / Maréchal, Michel André
2015 Laboratory measure of cheating predicts misbehavior at schoolCohn, Alain / Maréchal, Michel André
2002 A laboratory stress-test of bid, double and offer auctionsSøberg, Morten
2011 Labor complementarities and health in the agricultural householdAdhvaryu, Achyuta / Nyshadham, Anant
1987 Labor costs and productivity trends in selected Brazilian manufacturing industries: An internat. comparisonPicht, Hartmut
2006 Labor courts, nomination bias, and unemployment in GermanyBerger, Helge / Neugart, Michael
2014 Labor demand and unequal payment: Does wage inequality matter? Analyzing the influence of intra-firm wage dispersion on labor demand with German employer-employee dataKölling, Arnd
2011 Labor demand during the crisis: What happened in Germany?Bohachova, Olga / Boockmann, Bernhard / Buch, Claudia M.
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