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DateTitle Authors
2012 SachwerteAntonova, Olga / Koller, Cornelia / Lessing, Theres / Pflüger, Wolfgang / Quitzau, Jörn / Raeke, Jürgen / Wulf, Dorje / Otto, Alkis Henri / Vöpel, Henning
2001 Sackgasse Hochautomatisierung? Praxis des Abbaus von Overengineering in der ProduktionLay, Gunter / Schirrmeister, Elna
2006 The Sacramento area water forum: A case studyConnick, Sarah
2009 Sacrifice, discounting and climate policy : five questionsKarp , Larry S.
2014 Sacrifice Ratios for Euro Area Countries – New Evidence on the Costs of Price StabilityBelke, Ansgar / Böing, Tobias
2014 Sacrifice ratios for euro area countries: New evidence on the costs of price stabilityBelke, Ansgar / Böing, Tobias
2001 Sacrifice ratios with long-lived effectsZhang, Lawrence Huiyan
2010 SACSIM: An applied activity-based model system with fine-level spatial and temporal resolutionBradley, Mark / Bowman, John L. / Griesenbeck, Bruce
2014 Sadder but wiser: The Effects of Affective States and Weather on Ambiguity AttitudesBaillon, Aurélien / Koellinger, Philipp / Treffers, Theresa
2002 Saddles, indeterminacy and bifurcations in an overlapping generations economy with a renewable resourceKoskela, Erkki / Ollikainen, Markku / Puhakka, Mikko
2000 Saddles, Indeterminacy and Bifurcations in an Overlapping Generations Economy with a Renewable ResourceKoskela, Erkki / Ollikainen, Markku / Puhakka, Mikko
2014 The Safe Asset Controversy: Policy Implications after the CrisisSteffen, Christoph Große
2014 Safe bonds for the European Monetary Union: Strengthening bailout ban with more robust financial systemEngler, Philipp / Große Steffen, Christoph
1997 Safeguarding Social Security: The challenge of financing the baby boom's retirementCadette, Walter M.
15-Jun-2015 Safe Haven vs. Earnings Stripping Rules: a Prisoner Dilemma?Kalamov, Zarko Y.
2015 Safe, or not safe? Covered bonds and Bank FragilityAhnert, Toni / Anand, Kartik / Gai, Prasanna / Chapman, James
2011 Safe sanitation: Findings from the impact evaluation baseline survey in Orissa, India ; Financial Inclusion improves sanitation and health - FINSIH ProjectAugsburg, Britta
2011 Safe sanitation: Findings from the impact evaluation baseline survey in Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India ; Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health - FINISH ProjectAugsburg, Britta
2001 SAFE - Sustainability Assessment For Enterprises: Die Methodik. Ein Instrument zur Unterstützung einer zukunftsfähigen Unternehmens- und OrganisationsentwicklungRohn, Holger / Baedeker, Carolin / Liedtke, Christa
2012 The safety and soundness effects of bank M&A in the EUHagendorff, Jens / Nieto, Maria J. / Wall, Larry D.
2010 Safety-first portfolio optimization: Fixed versus random targetSinger, Nico
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