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DateTitle Authors
1996 Systematic discounting in climate policy analysisBayer, Stefan / Cansier, Dieter
2015 Systematic errors in growth expectations over the business cycleDovern, Jonas / Jannsen, Nils
2014 Systematic fiscal policy and macroeconomic performance: A critical overview of the literatureReicher, Claire
2014 Systematic fiscal policy and macroeconomic performance: A critical overview of the literatureReicher, Claire
2011 Systematic grant and funding body acknowledgement data for publications: An examination of new dimensions and new controversies for bibliometricsRigby, John
2007 Systematic mispricing in European equity prices?Berneburg, Marian
2013 Systematic positive expected returns in the UK fixed odds betting market: An analysis of the Fink Tank predictionsBuraimo, Babatunde / Peel, David / Simmons, Rob
2008 A systematic reflection upon dual career couplesRusconi, Alessandra / Solga, Heike
2011 Systematic review on inhaled corticosteroid monotherapy and its efficacy and safety in longterm treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)Buchberger, Barbara / Niebuhr, Dea / Kossmann, Beate / Wasem, Jürgen / Neumann, Anja
2012 Systematic risk, debt maturity and the term structure of credit spreadsChen, Hui / Xu, Yu / Yang, Jun
2004 Systematic Risk in Recovery Rates: An Empirical Analysis of US Corporate Credit ExposuresDüllmann, Klaus / Trapp, Monika
2009 Systematic risk of CDOs and CDO arbitrageHamerle, Alfred / Liebig, Thilo / Schropp, Hans-Jochen
1999 Systematik der Schiefemessung für ordinalskalierte MerkmaleKlein, Ingo
2006 Systematik und Abgrenzung von PPP-Modellen und BegriffenKühlmann, Sebastian
2011 Systematische Bestandsaufnahme von Clustern in der deutschen AutomobilbrancheSchaumann, Katrin / Lange, Kersten
2004 Systematische Nutzung von Analogien bei der Entwicklung innovativer ProdukteHerstatt, Cornelius / Schild, Katharina
2011 Systematisierung und Regulierungsnotwendigkeit von GlasfaserausbaukooperationenTenbrock, Sebastian
2005 System-Aufstellungen im Kontext von Organisationsentwicklungsprozessen: Ausgewählte Dimensionen und AspekteBinder, Christoph
2008 System-based analysis of income distribution impacts on mobility behaviourKrail, Michael
2009 A system dynamics approach for modelling a lead-market-based export potentialWalz, Rainer / Helfrich, Nicki / Enzmann, Alexander
2006 System dynamics modeling of a stock flow-consistent Minskyan modelTemoigne, Eric
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