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DateTitle Authors
2007 Minority enrollments at public universities of diverse selectivity levels under different admission regimes: The case of TexasAlfonso, Mariana / Calcagno, Juan Carlos
2004 Minority Game: Experiments and Simulations of Traffic ScenariosChmura, Thorsten / Pitz, Thomas
2005 Minority games, local interactions, and endogenous networksFagiolo, Giorgio / Valente, Marco
2011 The minority game unpacked: Coordination and competition in a team-based experimentDevetag, Giovanna / Pancotto, Francesca / Brenner, Thomas
2001 Minority governments and party politics: The political and institutional background to the Danish MiracleGreen-Pedersen, Christoffer
2010 The minority of three-game: An experimental and theoretical analysisChmura, Thorsten / Güth, Werner / Pitz, Thomas / Ziegelmeyer, Anthony
2011 The minority of three-game: An experimental and theoretical analysisChmura, Thorsten / Güth, Werner
2013 Minority Positions in the German Council of Economic Experts: A Political Economic AnalysisPotrafke, Niklas
2013 Minority positions in the German Council of Economic Experts: A political economic analysisPotrafke, Niklas
2002 Minority shareholders in the Finnish system of corporate governanceKaisanlahti, Timo
2011 Minority Small-Firm Credit Applicants: Does Persistence Pay?Kim, Grace
2008 Minority voting and long-term decisionsGersbach, Hans / Fahrenberger, Theresa
2007 Minority Voting and Public Project ProvisionGersbach, Hans
2009 Minority voting and public project provisionGersbach, Hans
2008 Minority vs. majority: An experimental study of standardized bidsPintér, Agnes / Veszteg, Robert F.
2012 Minor Nuisance Around Foreign Exchange Markets - Lessons from the Stability and Growth Pact DebateBauer, Matthias / Zenker, Martin
2008 Minsky and economic policy :Keynesianism” all over again?Tymoigne, Éric
2014 Minsky and the subprime mortgage crisis: The financial instability hypothesis in the era of financializationCaverzasi, Eugenio
2011 A Minskyan road to financial reformWray, L. Randall
2006 The Minskyan system, Part II: Dynamics of the Minskyan analysis and the financial fragility hypothesisTemoigne, Eric
2006 The Minskyan system, Part III: System dynamics modeling of a stock flow-consistent Minskyan modelTemoigne, Eric
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