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DateTitle Authors
2006 Y2K options and the liquidity premium in treasury bond marketsSundaresan, Suresh / Wang, Zhenyu
2005 Yardstick Competition and Policy InnovationRincke, Johannes
2008 Yardstick competition, corruption, and electoral incentivesLong, Ngo Van / Sengupta, Bodhisattva
2009 Yardstick competition in German municipalitiesFinken, Jan
2008 Yardstick competition to elicit private information: An empirical analysis of the Japanese gas distribution industrySuzuki, Ayako
2006 Yardstick Competition when Quality is Endogenous: The Case of Hospital RegulationKoehler, Hanjo M.
2007 Yardsticks for workhouses during the great famineÓ Gráda, Cormac
2011 Yaşanan Finansal Krizler Çerçevesinde Merkez Bankası Hakkındaki Görüşlerimiz Nasıl Etkilendi?Yilmaz, Durmuş
2010 Yearning, learning and conceding: (Some of) the reasons people change their childbearing intentionsIacovou, Maria / Tavares, Lara Patrício
2009 Years of schooling, human capital and the body mass index of European femalesBrunello, Giorgio / Fabbri, Daniele / Fort, Margherita
2004 Yeast vs. mushrooms: A note on Harberger's "A view of the growth process"Napoletano, Mauro / Roventini, Andrea / Sapio, Sandro
2007 Yeni Milli Gelir Serisi ve AnaliziYukseler, Zafer
2002 Yen or Yuan? China's role in the future of Asian monetary integrationHefeker, Carsten / Nabor, Andreas
2003 The Yen real exchange rate may be stationary after all: Evidence from nonlinear unit-root testsChortareas, Georgios / Kapetanios, George
2012 Yerleşik Iktisatta Içerik Kayması ve Paradigma DeğişikliğiEren, Ercan
2012 Yes, but will they let us build? The feasibility of secondary units in the East BayNemirow, Alison / Chapple, Karen
2005 Yes, managers should be paid like bureaucratsFrey, Bruno S. / Osterloh, Margit
1992 Yesterday's decisions determine tomorrow's options: the case of the mechanical typewriterKnie, Andreas
2008 Yesterday's expectation of tomorrow determines what you do today: the role of reference-dependent utility from expectationsMatthey, Astrid
2014 Yes Virginia, there is a European banking union!: But it may not make your wishes come trueHellwig, Martin
2009 Yes, we should discount the far-distant future at its lowest possible rate: a resolution of the Weitzman-Gollier puzzleFreeman, Mark C.
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