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DateTitle Authors
2011 It's time to rein in the fedFullwiler, Scott / Wray, L. Randall
2012 The IT strategy divide: Professional practice and academic debateTeubner, Rolf Alexander / Pellengahr, Alexander / Mocker, Martin
2014 It's Where You Work: Increases in Earnings Dispersion across Establishments and Individuals in the U.S.Barth, Erling / Bryson, Alex / Davis, James C. / Freeman, Richard B.
2007 It takes three to tango in employment: Matching vocational education organisations, students and companies in labour marketsMaliranta, Mika / Nurmi, Satu / Virtanen, Hanna
2009 It takes two to Tango: Lobbies and the political business cycleHorgos, Daniel / Zimmermann, Klaus W.
2008 IT Training and Employability of Older WorkersSchleife, Katrin
2007 IT und Telekommunikation wachsen moderat: Hohe Dynamik bei Software und IT-ServicesPols, Axel
2009 IT-Unterstützung im Rahmen integrativer Kooperationsformen von Krankenhäusern: StudienendberichtPomorin, Natalie / Ehm, Alexandra / Farrenkopf, Nina / Wasem, Jürgen
2005 It wasn't me, it was them! Social influence in risky behavior by adolescentsClark, Andrew E. / Lohéac, Youenn
2014 It worked in China, so why not in Africa? The political economy challenge of special economic zonesFarole, Thomas / Moberg, Lotta
2005 It works; it doesn't; it can, but that depends...: 50 years of controversy over the macroeconomic impact of development aidMcGillivray, Mark / Feeny, Simon / Hermes, Niels / Lensink, Robert
2003 Ivar Jantzen - ingeniøren, som også beskæftigede sig med økonomiOlesen, Finn
2012 IV-Based Cointegration Testing in Dependent Panels with Time-Varying VarianceHanck, Christoph / Demetrescu, Matei / Tarcolea, Adina
2009 IV models of ordered choiceChesher, Andrew / Smolinski, Konrad
2009 IV-Schätzung eines linearen Panelmodells mit stochastisch überlagerten Betriebs- und UnternehmensdatenBiewen, Elena / Ronning, Gerd / Rosemann, Martin
2009 I want to, but I also need to: start-ups resulting from opportunity and necessityCaliendo, Marco / Kritikos, Alexander S.
2009 'I want to, but I also need to': start-ups resulting from opportunity and necessityCaliendo, Marco / Kritikos, Alexander S.
2002 I want you!: An experiment studying the selection effect when assigning distributive powerBrandts, Jordi / Güth, Werner / Stiehler, Andreas
1998 IWF - mehr Verantwortung für RußlandBolz, Klaus
1999 IWF-Reform: Beschränkung auf das WesentlicheHolthus, Manfred
2002 IWF und Weltbank: trotz aller Mängel weiterhin gebraucht?Nunnenkamp, Peter
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