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DateTitle Authors
2003 It's all about Connections: Evidence on Network FormationFalk, Armin / Kosfeld, Michael
2012 It's all about meE: Using structured experiential learning ('e') to crawl the design spacePritchett, Lant / Samji, Salimah / Hammer, Jeffrey
2010 It's all about tax rates: An empirical study of tax perceptionBlaufus, Kay / Bob, Jonathan / Hundsdoerfer, Jochen / Kiesewetter, Dirk / Weimann, Joachim
2013 It's all about volatility of volatility: evidence from a two-factor stochastic volatility modelGrassi, Stefano / Santucci de Magistris, Paolo
2007 It's all in Marshall: the impact of external economies on regional dynamicsAudretsch, David B. / Falck, Oliver / Heblich, Stephan
2002 It?s a Small(er) World: The Role of Geography and Networks in Biotechnology InnovationJohnson, Daniel K.N. / Mareva, Milena
1999 It's been a hard day's night: The concentration and intensification of work in late 20th century BritainGreen, Francis
2012 "It seems only sanctions will help": Six questions to Elke HolstHolst, Elke / Wittenberg, Erich
2009 Itsehoitolääkkeiden kaupan vapauttamisen merkitys kuluttajille ja kaupalleMankinen, Reijo / Rantala, Olavi
2008 IT-Service Management: Ein neues Paradigma für das InformationsmanagementTeubner, Alexander
2003 IT-Sicherheit an der Hochschule WismarNöthens, Dietrich / Mauritz, Ulrike
2010 IT-Sicherheit: Umdenken nach Stuxnet?Böhrne, Rainer
2009 It's not about regulation...Toporowski, Jan
2015 It's not all about parents' education, it also matters what they do: Parents' employment and children's school success in GermanyBoll, Christina / Hoffmann, Malte
2011 It's not only rents: Explaining the persistence and change of neopatrimonialism in IndonesiaKorte, Nina
2009 It's not that I'm a racist, it's that they are Roma: Roma discrimination and returns to education in South Eastern EuropeO'Higgins, Niall
2014 It's politics, stupid! Political constraints determine governments' reactions to the Great RecessionGunzinger, Fabian / Sturm, Jan-Egbert
2009 It's that vision thing: Why the bailouts aren't working, and why a new financial system is neededKregel, Jan
2013 It's the debt-growth nexus again: Evidence from a long panel of regional-government liabilitiesMitze, Timo / Matz, Florian
2009 It's the market power, stupid! Stock return patterns in international bank M&AHankir, Yassin / Rauch, Christian / Umber, Marc P.
2008 It's the media, stupid: how media activity shapes public spendingBruns, Christian / Himmler, Oliver
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