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DateTitle Authors
1994 Junge Frauen in atypischen Berufen?Rudolph, Hedwig
2006 Jüngere Entwicklungen auf dem Risikokapitalmarkt für Biotechnologie in DeutschlandSchudy, Simeon
2012 Junge Rehabilitanden zwischen Schule und Erwerbsleben: Maßnahmen der beruflichen Ersteingliederung anhand empirischer Befunde aus der IAB-Panelbefragung der Rehabilitanden 2007 und 2008Beyersdorf, Joanna / Rauch, Angela
2005 Juridification patterns for social regulation and the WTO: A theoretical frameworkJoerges, Christian
2011 Juridiske aspekter ved vedvarende energi på havet: Dansk lovgivningGram Mortensen, Bent Ole
2015 The jurisdiction of the man within: Introspection, identity, and cooperation in a public good experimentEngel, Christoph / Kurschilgen, Michael
2010 Jury discrimination in criminal trialsAnwar, Shamena / Bayer, Patrick / Hjalmarsson, Randi
2014 Just a Matter of Prospect (Theory)? - The Ecological Rationality of the Traditional Accounting PrinciplesBraun, Eduard
2012 (Just) first time lucky? The impact of single versus multiple bank lending relationships on firms and banks' behaviorBarboni, Giorgia / Treibich, Tania
2014 Just Hire your Spouse! Evidence from a Political Scandal in BavariaKauder, Björn / Potrafke, Niklas
2014 Just hire your spouse! Evidence from a political scandal in BavariaKauder, Björn / Potrafke, Niklas
2014 Just how Good are the Top Three Journals in Finance? An Assessment based on Quantity and Quality CitationsChang, Chia-Lin / McAleer, Michael
2014 Just how good is unemployment as a measure of welfare? A policy notede Dios, Emmanuel S. / Dinglasan, Katrina
2015 Justice and justification in Europe's "Area of Freedom, Security and Justice"Herlin-Karnell, Ester
2007 Justice and the cost of doing business: The PhilippinesSereno, Maria Lourdes A. / de Dios, Emmanuel S. / Capuno, Joseph J.
2013 Justice under UncertaintyCettolin, Elena / Riedl, Arno
2008 Justifiability of littering: An empirical investigationTorgler, Benno / García-Valiñas, María A. / Macintyre, Alison
2006 Justifying functional forms in models for transitions between discrete states, with particular reference to employment-unemployment dynamicsDagsvik, John K.
2010 Justifying social discounting: The rank-discounted utilitarian approachZuber, Stéphane / Asheim, Geir B.
1999 Justifying sustainabilityAsheim, Geir B. / Buchholz, Wolfgang / Tungodden, Bertil
2005 Justifying the Lindahl solution as an outcome of fair cooperationBuchholz, Wolfgang / Peters, Wolfgang
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