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DateTitle Authors
2012 Kindergarten for all: Long run effects of a universal interventionDrange, Nina / Havnes, Tarjei / Sandsør, Astrid M. J.
2012 Access to public schools and the education of migrant children in ChinaChen, Yuanyuan / Feng, Shuaizhang
2012 The decline of professional football in ItalyBoeri, Tito / Severgnini, Battista
2012 For some mothers more than others: How children matter for labour market outcomes when both fertility and female employment are lowKarbownik, Krzysztof / Myck, Michal
2012 The effect of weather-induced internal migration on local labor markets: Evidence from UgandaStrobl, Eric / Valfort, Marie-Anne
2012 Son preference and children's housework: The case of IndiaLin, Tin-chi / Adserà, Alícia
2012 The economics of child well-beingConti, Gabriella / Heckman, James J.
2012 Are we there yet? Time for checks and balances on new institutionalismIyigun, Murat
2012 The impact of the German Child Benefit on child well-beingRaschke, Christian
2012 The problem of the uninsuredEhrlich, Isaac / Yin, Yong
2012 Immigrants' time use: A survey of methods and evidenceRibar, David C.
2012 Who cares about stock market booms and busts? Evidence from data on mental healthRatcliffe, Anita / Taylor, Karl
2012 The economics of circular migrationConstant, Amelie F. / Nottmeyer, Olga / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2012 Job search, human capital and wage inequalityCarrillo-Tudela, Carlos
2012 Efficiency in a search and matching economy with a competitive informal sectorCharlot, Olivier / Malherbet, Franck / Ulus, Mustafa
2012 Experimental evidence on the effects of early meetings and activationMaibom Pedersen, Jonas / Rosholm, Michael / Svarer, Michael
2012 Does money burn fat? Evidence from a randomized experimentAugurzky, Boris / Bauer, Thomas K. / Reichert, Arndt R. / Schmidt, Christoph M. / Tauchmann, Harald
2012 The impact of pre-school on adolescents' outcomes: Evidence from a recent English cohortApps, Patricia / Mendolia, Silvia / Walker, Ian
2012 Canonical correlation and assortative matching: A remarkDupuy, Arnaud / Galichon, Alfred
2012 An experimental test of a committee search modelHizen, Yoichi / Kawata, Keisuke / Sasaki, Masaru
2012 Refugee and asylum migration to the OECD: A short overviewHatton, Timothy J.
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