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DateTitle Authors
2012 Averaging of moment condition estimatorsChen, Xiaohong / Jacho-Chàvez, David T. / Linton, Oliver
2012 Model comparisons in unstable environmentsGiacomini, Raffaella / Rossi, Barbara
2012 Do public health interventions crowd out private health investments? Malaria control policies in EritreaCarneiro, Pedro / Locatelli, Andrea / Ghebremeskel, Tewolde / Keating, Joseph
2012 A warp-speed method for conducting Monte Carlo experiments involving bootstrap estimatorsGiacomini, Raffaella / Politis, Dimitris / White, Halbert
2012 A simple bootstrap method for constructing nonparametric confidence bands for functionsHall, Peter / Horowitz, Joel
2012 Nonparametric estimation of a periodic sequence in the presence of a smooth trendVogt, Michael / Linton, Oliver
2012 Identification and shape restrictions in nonparametric instrumental variables estimationFreyberger, Joachim / Horowitz, Joel
2012 Efficient estimation of conditional risk measures in a semiparametric GARCH modelYan, Yang / Shang, Dajing / Linton, Oliver
2012 Semiparametric estimation of random coefficients in structural economic modelsHoderlein, Stefan / Nesheim, Lars / Simoni, Anna
2012 Testing for the stochastic dominance efficiency of a given portfolioLinton, Oliver / Whang, Yoon-Jae
2012 Inference on counterfactual distributionsChernozhukov, Victor / Fernández-Val, Iván / Melly, Blaise
2012 Simultaneous equations models for discrete outcomes: Coherence, completeness, and identificationChesher, Andrew / Rosen, Adam M.
2012 Aggregation without the aggravation? Nonparametric analysis of the representative consumerCherchye, Laurens / Crawford, Ian / De Rock, Bram / Vermeulen, Frederic
2012 Asymptotic theory for differentiated products demand models with many marketsFreyberger, Joachim
2012 Testing multiple inequality hypotheses: A smoothed indicator approachChen, Le-Yu / Szroeter, Jerzy
2012 Nonparametric regression for locally stationary time seriesVogt, Michael
2012 On the testability of identification in some nonparametric models with endogeneityCanay, Ivan / Santos, Andres / Shaikh, Azeem
2012 Inference on sets in financeChernozhukov, Victor / Kocatulum, Emre / Menzel, Konrad
2012 Sieve inference on semi-nonparametric time series modelsChen, Xiaohong / Liao, Zhipeng / Sun, Yixiao
2012 A nonparametric test of the leverage hypothesisLinton, Oliver / Whang, Yoon-Jae / Yen, Yu-Min
2012 Estimation of random coefficients logit demand models with interactive fixed effectsMoon, Hyungsik Roger / Shum, Matthew / Weidner, Martin
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