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DateTitle Authors
2012 Income inequality, tax base and sovereign spreadsAizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin
2012 The euro and the global crises: Finding the balance between short term stabilization and forward looking reformsAizenman, Joshua
2012 The economics of pensions: Remarks on growth, policy and class conflictRada, Codrina
2012 When economics faces the economy: John Bates Clark and the 1914 antitrust legislationFiorito, Luca
2012 Are European banks in economic harmonay? An HLM aproachGander, James P.
2012 Service-led growth and the balance of payments constraint in India: An unsustainable strategyNabar-Bhaduri, Suranjana / Vernengo, Matías
2012 India's structural transformation and role in the world economyRada, Codrina / von Arnim, Rüdiger
2012 Heterodox central bankers: Eccles, Prebisch and financial reform in 1930sPérez Caldentey, Esteban / Vernengo, Matías
2012 Short-time compensation as a tool to mitigate job loss? Evidence on the US experience during the recent recessionAbraham, Katharine G. / Houseman, Susan N.
2012 Retiree health benefits as deferred compensation: Evidence from the health and retirement studyMarton, James / Woodbury, Stephen A.
2012 America's human capital paradoxKochan, Thomas A.
2012 Mediating incentive use: A time-series assessment of economic development deals in North CarolinaLester, T. William / Lowe, Nichola / Freyer, Allan
2012 The short-term effects of the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship on student outcomesBartik, Timothy J. / Lachowska, Marta
2012 Simulating the effects of Michigan's MEGA tax credit program on job creation and fiscal benefitsBartik, Timothy J. / Erickcek, George A.
2012 An analysis of risk-taking behavior for public defined benefit pension plansMohan, Nancy / Zhang, Ting
2012 Short hours, long hours: Hour levels and trends in the retail industry in the United States, Canada, and MexicoCarré, Françoise / Tilly, Chris
2012 Import tariffs and export subsidies in the World Trade Organization: A small-country approachPotipiti, Tanapong
2012 Trade concentration and crisis spillover: Case study of transmission of the subprime crisis to ThailandCheewatrakoolpong, Kornkarun / Manprasert, Somprawin
2012 SPS measures and possible market access implications for agricultural trade in the Doha Round: An analysis of systemic issuesKallummal, Murali
2012 Ethical distance and difference in bilateral tradeRamasamy, Bala / Yeung, Matthew C.H.
2012 Can India become an export platform for global operations of Japanese and American multinational corporations affiliates?Yamashita, Nobuaki
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