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DateTitle Authors
2012 Retiree health benefits as deferred compensation: Evidence from the health and retirement studyMarton, James / Woodbury, Stephen A.
2012 America's human capital paradoxKochan, Thomas A.
2012 Mediating incentive use: A time-series assessment of economic development deals in North CarolinaLester, T. William / Lowe, Nichola / Freyer, Allan
2012 The short-term effects of the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship on student outcomesBartik, Timothy J. / Lachowska, Marta
2012 Simulating the effects of Michigan's MEGA tax credit program on job creation and fiscal benefitsBartik, Timothy J. / Erickcek, George A.
2012 An analysis of risk-taking behavior for public defined benefit pension plansMohan, Nancy / Zhang, Ting
2012 Short hours, long hours: Hour levels and trends in the retail industry in the United States, Canada, and MexicoCarré, Françoise / Tilly, Chris
2012 Import tariffs and export subsidies in the World Trade Organization: A small-country approachPotipiti, Tanapong
2012 Trade concentration and crisis spillover: Case study of transmission of the subprime crisis to ThailandCheewatrakoolpong, Kornkarun / Manprasert, Somprawin
2012 SPS measures and possible market access implications for agricultural trade in the Doha Round: An analysis of systemic issuesKallummal, Murali
2012 Ethical distance and difference in bilateral tradeRamasamy, Bala / Yeung, Matthew C.H.
2012 Can India become an export platform for global operations of Japanese and American multinational corporations affiliates?Yamashita, Nobuaki
2012 Multilateralism in crisisLloyd, Peter
2012 Asia's international production networks: Will India be the next assembly centre?Sen, Rahul / Srivastava, Sadhana
2012 Thailand's 2011 flooding: Its impact on direct exports and global supply chainsChongvilaivan, Aekapol
2012 The impacts of natural disasters on global supply chainsYe, Linghe / Abe, Masato
2012 The role of developing countries in global economic governanceLloyd, Peter
2012 Pluralism, the Lucas critique, and the integration of macro and microSkott, Peter
2012 Employment and distribution effects of the mnimum wageSlonimczyk, Fabián / Skott, Peter
2012 Class struggle and economic fluctuations: VAR analysis of the post-war U.S. economyBasu, Deepankar / Chen, Ying / Oh, Jong-seok
2012 Assessing the rise of organic farming in the European Union: Environmental and socioeconomic consequencesKonstantinidis, Charalampos
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