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DateTitle Authors
2012 International trade and polarization in the labor marketDas, Satya P.
2012 Measuring group disadvantage with inter-distributional inequality indices: A critical review and some amendments to existing indicesYalonetzky, Gaston
2012 The focus axiom and poverty: On the co-existence of precise language and ambiguous meaning in economic measurementSubramanian, Subbu
2012 Assessing absolute and relative pro-poor growth, with an application to selected African countriesBibi, Sami / Duclos, Jean-Yves / Verdier-Chouchane, Audrey
2012 Cartel in the Indian cement industry: An attempt to identify itBejger, Sylwester
2012 Cobweb theorems with production lags and price forecastingDufresne, Daniel / Vázquez-Abad, Felisa
2012 Estimating risk attitudes in conventional and artefactual lab experiments: The importance of the underlying assumptionsDrichoutis, Andreas C. / Koundouri, Phoebe
2012 The Effects of Gasoline Price Regulations: Experimental EvidenceHaucap, Justus / Müller, Hans Christian
2012 Roaming and Investments in the Mobile Internet MarketStühmeier, Torben
2012 The role of the IMF in the European debt crisisSeitz, Franz / Jost, Thomas
2012 Sozialversicherungspflicht und Besteuerung von selbständigen Nebentätigkeiten als DozentBlaufus, Kay / Petermann, Sandra / Schanz, Sebastian
2012 Anstellung oder Verbeamtung? Zur Berechnung nettoeinkommensäquivalenter ZuschlägeBlaufus, Kay / Bob, Jonathan / Schanz, Sebastian
2012 Does more stringent environmental regulation induce or reduce technology adoption? When the rate of technology adoption is inverted u-shapedPerino, Grischa / Requate, Till
2012 Market integration of conventional and organic wheat in GermanyWürriehausen, Nadine / Lakner, Sebastian / Ihle, Rico
2012 Regulierung des Glücksspiels in Deutschland: Das Glücksspielgesetz Schleswig-Holsteins und der Glücksspieländerungsstaatsvertrag aus ökonomischer PerspektiveSchmidt, Ulrich / Lima De Miranda, Katharina
2012 The happy artist? An empirical application of the work-preference modelSteiner, Lasse / Schneider, Lucian
2012 Impatience among preschool children and their mothersKosse, Fabian / Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
2012 Does job loss make you smoke and gain weight?Marcus, Jan
2012 Documentation of the tax-benefit microsimulation model STSM: Version 2012Steiner, Viktor / Wrohlich, Katharina / Haan, Peter / Geyer, Johannes
2012 The economic determinants of U.S. presidential approval: A surveyBerlemann, Michael / Enkelmann, Sören
2012 Can lobbying encourage abatement? Designing a new policy instrumentLange, Ian A. / Polborn, Sarah
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