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DateTitle Authors
2012 Identifying time variability in stock and interest rate dependenceStein, Michael / Islami, Mevlud / Lindemann, Jens
2012 Fiscal deficits, financial fragility, and the effectiveness of government policiesKirchner, Markus / van Wijnbergen, Sweder
2012 The granular nature of the great export collapse in German manufacturing industries, 2008/2009Wagner, Joachim
2012 The BIP trilogy (bipolarization, inequality and polarization): One saga but three different storiesDeutsch, Joseph / Fusco, Alessio / Silber, Jacques
2012 What drives FDI from non-traditional sources? A comparative analysis of the determinants of bilateral FDI flowsSosa Andrés, Maximiliano / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Busse, Matthias
2012 Stock returns and implied volatility: A new VAR approachLee, Bong Soo / Ryu, Doojin
2012 Is a "firm" a firm? A Stackelberg experimentHildenbrand, Andreas
2012 FDI and income inequality: Evidence from Latin American economiesHerzer, Dierk / Hühne, Philipp / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2012 The role of proximity to universities for corporate patenting: Provincial evidence from ChinaLiu, Wan-Hsin
2012 Identifying the motives of migrant philanthropyLücke, Matthias / Omar Mahmoud, Toman / Peuker, Christian
2012 Financial intermediation and the role of price discrimination in a two-tier marketReitz, Stefan / Schmidt, Markus A. / Taylor, Mark P.
2012 Offshoring, wages and job security of temporary workersGörg, Holger / Görlich, Dennis
2012 Fixing the Phillips curve: The case of downward nominal wage rigidity in the USReitz, Stefan / Slopek, Ulf D.
2012 Euro area: Single currency - national money creationKooths, Stefan / van Roye, Björn
2012 Building BRICS: 2-Stage DEA analysis of R&D efficiencyCai, Yuezhou / Hanley, Aoife
2012 Foreign ownership structure, technology upgrading and exports: Evidence from Chinese firmsGirma, Sourafel / Gong, Yundan / Görg, Holger / Lancheros, Sandra
2012 Fair, optimal or detrimental? Environmental vs. strategic use of border carbon adjustmentWeitzel, Matthias / Hübler, Michael / Peterson, Sonja
2012 Determinants of donor generosity: A survey of the aid budget literatureFuchs, Andreas / Dreher, Axel / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2012 The effect of household debt on aggregate demand: The case of SpainJauch, Sebastian / Watzka, Sebastian
2012 Geography, non-homotheticity, and industrialization: A quantitative analysisBreinlich, Holger / Cuñat, Alejandro
2012 Union wage setting and international tradeEgger, Hartmut / Etzel, Daniel
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