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DateTitle Authors
2012 A comparison of inequality and living standards in Canada and the United States using an expanded measure of economic well-beingWolff, Edward N. / Zacharias, Ajit / Masterson, Thomas / Eren, Selçuk / Sharpe, Andrew
2012 Public Health und das gute Leben: Der Capability-Approach als normatives Fundament interventionsbezogener Gesundheitswissenschaften?Bittlingmayer, Uwe H. / Ziegler, Holger
2012 Patent citations, university inventor patents, and survival in the German laser source industry (1960-2005)Medrano, Luis F.
2012 Relative performance of liability rules: Experimental evidenceAngelova, Vera / Attanasi, Giuseppe / Hiriart, Yolande
2012 Volunteering, happiness and public policyBinder, Martin / Freytag, Andreas
2012 Do we follow private information when we should? Laboratory evidence on naϊve herdingMarch, Christoph / Krügel, Sebastian / Ziegelmeyer, Anthony
2012 Broken punishment networks in public goods games: Experimental evidenceLeibbrandt, Andreas / Ramalingam, Abhijit / Sääksvuori, Lauri / Walker, James M.
2012 Who starts a business and who is self-employed in GermanyFritsch, Michael / Kritikos, Alexander / Rusakova, Alina
2012 Persuasive silenceSuzuki, Toru
2012 Provision of multilevel public goods through positive externalities: Experimental evidenceGüth, Werner / Sääksvuori, Lauri
2012 "Do we follow others when we should? A simple test of rational expectations": CommentZiegelmeyer, Anthony / March, Christoph / Krügel, Sebastian
2012 Ranking alternatives by a fair bidding rule: A theoretical and experimental analysisGüth, Werner / Levati, M. Vittoria / Montinari, Natalia
2012 An experiment investigating the spill-over effects of voicing outrageKoukoumelis, Anastasios / Levati, M. Vittoria
2012 Do voluntary payments to advisors improve the quality of financial advice? An experimental sender-receiver gameAngelova, Vera / Regner, Tobias
2012 New Insights into optimal control of nonlinear dynamic econometric models: Application of a heuristic approachBlueschke, Dmitri / Blueschke-Nikolaeva, Viktoria / Savin, Ivan
2012 An epistemic rationale for order-independenceTrost, Michael
2012 Nationality matters: The geographic origin of multinationals and the productivity of their foreign affiliatesArndt, Christian / Spies, Julia
2012 All you need is trade: On the in(ter)dependence of trade and asset holdings in gravity equationsKleinert, Jörn / Neugebauer, Katja
2012 The role of employees for post-entry firm growthKoch, Andreas / Späth, Jochen / Strotmann, Harald
2012 Forecast based pricing of weather derivativesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / López-Cabrera, Brenda / Ritter, Matthias
2012 Existence and uniqueness of perturbation solutions to DSGE modelsLan, Hong / Meyer-Gohde, Alexander
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