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DateTitle Authors
9-Feb-2016 Public Debt Sustainability in Serbia-Evidence from Transition and the Great RecessionAndric, Vladimir / Arsic, Milojko / Nojkovic, Aleksandra
26-Jan-2016 Electricity Use as an Indicator of U.S. Economic ActivityArora, Vipin / Lieskovsky, Jozef
26-Jan-2016 Aggregate Productivity under an Energy-Based ApproachArora, Vipin
26-Jan-2016 Monetary Policy Evaluation using a Rational Expectations Model: the UK caseVasilev, Aleksandar
2016 Emotionale Intelligenz und optimales Teaming: eine empirische UntersuchungHank, Irena
2016 Actual and perceived financial sophistication and wealth accumulation: The role of education and genderBannier, Christina E. / Neubert, Milena
2016 Understanding the "regional policy mix": A classification and analysis of European regions' support policiesKroll, Henning
2016 On the value of foreign PhDs in the developing world: Training versus selection effectsBarnard, Helena / Cowan, Robin / Müller, Moritz
2016 The German excellence initiative and efficiency change among universities, 2001-2011Gawellek, Bastian / Sunder, Marco
2016 Das entgrenzte Mandat der EZB: Das OMT-Urteil des EuGH und seine FolgenFeld, Lars P. / Fuest, Clemens / Haucap, Justus / Schweitzer, Heike / Wieland, Volker / Wigger, Berthold U.
2016 Do transfer costs matter for foreign remittances?Ahmed, Junaid / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2016 Issues in the estimation of dynamic happiness models: A comment on "does childhood predict adult life satisfaction?"Piper, Alan T. / Pugh, Geoffrey T.
2016 Uncertainty: A diagrammatic treatmentDow, Sheila
2016 The impact of disembodied technological progress on working hoursTesfaselassie, Mewael F.
2016 A decomposition analysis of cigarette consumption differences between male Turkish immigrants and Germans in West Germany 2002-2012Dang, Rui
2016 Concentration on the few? R&D and innovation in German firms 2001 to 2013Rammer, Christian / Schubert, Torben
2016 Taxing away M&A: The effect of corporate capital gains taxes on acquisition activityFeld, Lars P. / Ruf, Martin / Schreiber, Ulrich / Todtenhaupt, Maximilian / Voget, Johannes
2016 Book-tax conformity and reporting behavior: A quasi-experimentEvers, Maria Theresia / Meier, Ina / Nicolay, Katharina
2016 Strategic capacity withholding through failures in the German-Austrian electricity marketBergler, Julian / Heim, Sven / Hüschelrath, Kai
2016 Asymmetric labor-supply responses to wage-rate changes: Evidence from a field experimentDoerrenberg, Philipp / Duncan, Denvil / Löffler, Max
2016 Settlements and appeals in the European Commission's cartel cases: An empirical assessmentHellwig, Michael / Hüschelrath, Kai / Laitenberger, Ulrich
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